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Below is an updated listing of subject encyclopedias and other reference materials that are located in the Reference Department.

Work Title

Call # Date Vols.

 General Works

The World of Learning

AS2.W6 2005

Cambridge Paperback Encyclopedia

AE5.C36 1995

Encyclopedia Americana

AE5.E333 1995

New Encyclopedia Britannica

AE5.E363 2002

Famous First Facts International

AG5.A69 2000

Cambridge Encyclopedia

AG5.C26 1997

Canadian Encyclopedia

AG5.C27 1988

New Century Cyclopedia of Names

AG5.N28 1954

Essay & General Literature Index


The Official Museum Directory

AM10.A204 2005

Awards Honors and Prizes

AS8.A93 2004

International Organizations

AS8.E53 2004

Encyclopedia of Associations

AS22.E5 2004

National Directory of Non-Profit Organizations

AS29.N38 2001

Annual Register of Grant Support

AS911.A2A67 2005

 Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion

Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy

B41.C35 1999

Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

B51.R68 1998 v.1-10

World Philosophers & Their Works


Encyclopedia of War & Ethics

B105.W3E53 1996

Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers

B851.D53 2005bx v.1-4

Encyclopedia of Psychology

BF31.E52 2001

Dictionary, Theories, Laws & Concepts in Psychology

BF31.R625 1998

Encyclopedia of Psychological Assessment

BF39.E497 2003 v.1-2

Biographical Dictionary of Psychology

BF109.A1B56 1997

Encyclopedia of Creativity

BF408.E53 1999

Handbook of Child Psychology

BF721.H242 1998

Encyclopedia of Aesthetics

BH56.E53 1998

Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics

BJ63.E44 1998

Encyclopedia of Religion

BL31.E46 1987

The Encyclopedia of Religion and War

BL80.3.E53 2004

Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements

BL98.E53 2006bx

The Golden Bough

BL310.F72 1951

The Encyclopedia of Unbelief

BL2705.E53 1985

Encyclopedia of Judaism

BM50.K37 2006

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World

BP40.E525 2004

Encyclopedia of Buddhism

BQ128.E62 2004

Encyclopedia of Early Christianity

BR1622.E53 1997

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation

BR302.8.093 1997

New Catholic Encyclopedia

BX841.N44 1967

Encyclopedia of Protestantism

BX4811.3.E53 2004

Historical Dictionary of Methodism

BX8211.H57 2005


Dictionary of the History of Ideas


The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Future

CB158.E33 1996

Handbook to Life In Renaissance Europe

CB361.S498 2005

Technology in World History

CB478.T3848 2005 v.1-6

The Oxford Companion to Archaeology

CC70.096 1996

The World Encyclopedia of Flags

CR191.Z53 1999

Encyclopedia of World Biography (Gale)

CT103.E56 1998

Almanac of Famous People

CT104.B56 1998

American National Biography

CT213.A68 1999

Encyclopedia of American Biography

CT213.E53 1996

Encyclopedia of Historians & Historical Writers

D14.E53 1999

The Greenwood Library of American War Reporting

D25.G84 2005 v.1-8

Keesing's Record of World Events

D410.K4 2004

The Encyclopedia of World War I

D510.E53 2005 v.1-5

The Encyclopedia of World War II

D740.E516 2005 v.1-5

Bosworth Field to Bloody Mary: An Encyclopedia of the Early Tudors

DA315.W26 2003

Encyclopedia of Contemporary British Culture

DA589.4.E53 1999

Encyclopedia of Modern French Thought

DC33.7.E55 2004

Encyclopedia of Contemporary French Culture

DC337.E53 1998

Encyclopedia of Contemporary German Culture

DD290.26.E53 1999

Encyclopedia of the Ancient Greek World

DF16.S23 2005

Eastern Europe: An Introduction to the People, Lands, and Culture

DJK9.E25 2005 v.1-3

Encyclopedia of Russian History

DK14.E53 2004

Encyclopedia of Modern Asia

DS4.E53 2002

Antisemitism: A Historical Encyclopedia of Prejudice and Persecution

DS146.E8A58 2005 v.1-2

Encyclopedia of the Korean War

DS918.E53 2000

Encyclopedia of African History

DT20.E53 2005 v.1-3

The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Ancient Egypt

DT58.W55 2005

Encyclopedia of Africa

DT351.E53 1997

 American History and Culture

Gale Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes

E77.G15 1998

Encyclopedia of Native American Wars & Warfare

E81.E98 2005

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures

E161.G74 2004bx v.1-8

American Decades

E169.12.A419 1994

Encyclopedia of American History

E174.E53 2003 v.1-11

Encyclopedia of US Foreign Relations

E183.7.E53 1997

Encyclopedia of Minorities

E184.A1.E574 2000

Encyclopedia of Racism in the United States

E184.A1E773 2005 v.1-3

Gale's Encyclopedia of Multicultural America

E184.A1.G14 1995

Encyclopedia Latina

E184.S75E587 2005 v.1-4

Encyclopedia of African-American Culture & History

E185.E54 1996

Encyclopedia of African American Society

E185.E546 2005 v.1-2

Black Women in America

E185.86.B542 2005 v.1-3

Encyclopedia of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

E661.E53 2005 v.1-2

Encyclopedia of the United States in the 20th Century

E740.7.E53 1996

Encyclopedia of the Great Plains

F591.E4856 2004

Oxford Encyclopedia of Meso American Cultures

F1218.6.095 2000 v.1-3

 Geography, Anthropology, and Recreation

World Geographical Encyclopedia

G63.E5213 1995 v.1-5

Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations

G63.W67 1995 v.1-5

Worldmark Yearbook

G63.W672X 2000 v.1-3

The Columbia Gazetteer

G103.5.C645 1998 v.1-3

Great Events From History

GE150.G72 1995 v.1-5

Our Earth's Changing Land: An Encyclopedia of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change

GF90.O87 2006 v.1-2

Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology

GN307.E52 1996 v.1-4

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures & Daily Life

GN333.W67 1998 v.1-4

Shamanism: an Encyclopedia of World Beliefs, Practice and Culture

GN475.8.S445 2004 v.1-2

Encyclopedia of The World's Minorities

GN495.4.E63 2005 v.1-3

Encyclopedia of Race and Ethnic Studies

GN495.6.C37 2004

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of World Folklore and Folklife

GR35.G75 2006 v.1-4

American Folklore Encyclopedia

GR101.A54 1996

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of African American Folklore

GR111.A47G74 2006 v.1-3

Storytelling Encyclopedia

GR72.S76 1997

Traditional Festivals: A Multicultural Encyclopedia

GT3925.R69 2005 v.1-2

Holiday Symbols

GT3930.T48 1998

Chase's Calendar of Events

GT4803.C48 2005

Professional Sports Statistics

GV581.G37 1997

Chronicle of the Olympics

GV721.C57 1996

International Dictionary of Modern Dance

GV1585.B46 1998

International Encyclopedia of Dance

GV1585.I586 1998 v.1-6

 Social Sciences

The Social Science Encyclopedia

H41.S63 2004 v.1-2

Encyclopedia of Evaluation

H62.E583 2005

Encyclopedia of the U.S. Census

HA37.U55E53 2000

New York State Statistical Yearbook

HA541.N48 2002

Encyclopedia of Leadership

HD57.7.E53 2004

Encyclopedia of Public Relations

HD59.E48 2005

Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2006-2007 Edition

HF5381.A1O36 2006-07

Encyclopedia of American Social Movements

HN57.E594 2004 v.1-4

Encyclopedia of Marriage & the Family

HQ9.E52 1995 v.1-2

Gay & Lesbian Biography

HQ75.2.G39 1997

Gay & Lesbian Almanac

HQ76.3.U5S75 1998

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Queer Culture

HQ76.96.R68 2006bx

The Women's Movement Today: An Encyclopedia of Third-Wave Feminism

HQ1115.W644 2006 v.1-2

Encyclopedia of Family Life

HQ534.E53 1999 v.1-5

Encyclopedia of Applied Developmental Science

HQ767.84.E52 2005

The Encyclopedia of Aging

HQ1061.E53 1995

Women in World History

HQ1115.W6 1999 v.1-10

Women's Issues

HQ1115.W6425 1997 v.1-3

Women in the Middle Ages

HQ1143.W643 2004 v.1-2

Webster's Dictionary of American Women

HQ1412.W4 1996

Women in the Third World

HQ1870.9.W6548 1998

Encyclopedia of Social Work

HV35.S6 1995 v.1-3

The Gallaudet Dictionary of American Sign Language

HV2475.G35 2005 text

Encyclopedia of Drugs and Alcohol

HV5804.E53 1995 v.1-4

Encyclopedia of Criminology

HV6017.E5295 2005 v.1-3

Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

HV6322.7.E532 2005

Encyclopedia of World Terrorism

HV6431.E53 2003 v.1-2

The Encyclopedia of International Organized Crime

HV6441.D48 2005

Encyclopedia of White-Collar & Corporate Crime

HV6768.E63 2005 v.1-2

Encyclopedia of Forensic Science

HV8073.B425 2004

Encyclopedia of Prisons & Correctional Facilities

HV9471.E427 2005 v.1-2


International Yearbook & Statesman's Who's Who

JA51.I57 2004

The Statesman's Yearbook

JA51.S7 2005

Encyclopedia of American Government

JK9.E52 1998 v.1-4

Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy

JK9.E526 2003 v.1-2

Almanac of American Politics

JK1012.A44 2004

Encyclopedia of the United States Congress

JK1067.E63 1995 v.1-4

The Citizen Action Encyclopedia

JS303.5 2002

The Municipal Yearbook

JS344.C5A24 2005

Encyclopedia of North American Immigration

JV6465.P68 2005

Encyclopedia of International Relations and Global Politics

JZ1160.E53 2005bx


Congress and the Nation

KF49.C653 2001-2004

Shepard's Federal Citations

KF105.2.S42 1995 v.1-21

American Justice

KF154.A44 1996 v.1-3

West's Encyclopedia of American Law

KF154.W47 2005

West's Analysis of American Law

KF240.W454 2005

Criminal Justice

KF9214.5.C75 2006 v.1-3

Shepard's N.Y. Supplement Citations

KFN5045.2.S56 1995 v.1-11

International Law: A Dictionary

KZ1161.B63 2005


The College Blue Book

L901.C678 2005 v.1-6

Graduate Programs in Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

L901.P443 2005 v.1-6

Encyclopedia of Education and Human Development

LB15.E476 2005 v.1-5

The International Encyclopedia of Education

LB15.I569 1985 v.1-10

Encyclopedia of Education and Technology

LB1028.3.E17 2004

Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration

LB2805.E527 2006 v.1-2

Encyclopedia of Special Education

LC4007.E53 2007 v.1-3


The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music

ML100.G16 1998 v.1-9

Baker's Dictionary of Music

ML100.S635 1997

Encyclopedia of American Gospel Music

ML102.G6E63 2005

The New Grove Dictionary of Opera

ML102.O6N5 1998 v.1-4

The Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music

ML102.P66G84 1995 v.1-6

Encyclopedia of Punk Music and Culture

ML102.R6C64 2006

Bakers Biography Dictionary of Musicians

ML105.B16 2001 v.1-6

Bloom's American Song

ML128.M78B6 1996 v.1-4

The Great Rock Discography

ML156.4.R6S8 1998

The Oxford History of Western Music

ML160.T18 2005 v.1-6


The Dictionary of Art

N31.D5 1996 v.1-34

Facts on File Encyclopedia of Art

N31.F33 2005 v.1-5

Biographical Encyclopedia of Artists

N40.B535 2005 v.1-4

Encyclopedia of Italian Renaissance & Mannerist Art

N6730.E53 2000 v.1-2

Dictionary of Women Artists

N8354.D53 1997 v.1-2

Mayer International Auction Records

N8640.I5 1999 v.1-2

Encyclopedia of 20th-Century Architecture

NA680.E495 2004 v.1-3

The Grove Encyclopedia of Decorative Arts

NK28.G76 2006 v.1-2

The Design Encyclopedia

NK1370.B93 2004

Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era, 1760-1850

NX452.5.R64E53 2004

Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance

NX512.3.A53 2004 v.1-2

 Language, Literature, and Film

Encyclopedia of Linguistics

P29.E483 2005 v.1-2

Acronyms, Initialisms & Abbreviations Dictionary

P365.A28 1997 v.1-3

Reverse Acronyms, Initialisms & Abbreviations Dictionary

P365.A28 1995 v.1-3

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World's Ancient Languages

P371.C357 2004

Encyclopedia of Modern Greek Literature

PA5210.M44 2004

An Encyclopedia of Swearing

PE3724.O3H84 2006

Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics

PJ6031.E53 2006 v.1

Encyclopedia of Literary Modernism

PN56.M54E53 2003

Encyclopedia of World Writers

PN451.E55 2005 v.1-3

Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series

PN453.C63 1999 v.1-30

Encyclopedia of Feminist Literature

PN471.S58 2006

Encyclopedia of Feminist Literature

PN471.W455 2004

Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature

PN669.R88 2006

The Queer Encyclopedia of Film and Television

PN1590.G39Q44 2005

Historical Dictionary of American Radio Soap Operas

PN1991.18.S4C695 2005

Encyclopedia of Television

PN1992.18.E53 1997 v.1-3

Movies made for Television: 1964-2004

PN1992.8.F5M337 2005 v.1-5

Motion Picture Almanac

PN1993.3.I55 2005

Encyclopedia of Early Cinema

PN1993.45.E53 2005

Historical Dictionary of Australian and New Zealand Cinema

PN1993.5.A8M66 2005

Multicultural Films

PN1995.9.M56W45 2005

Encyclopedia of Film Themes, Settings and Series

PN1997.8.A76 2001

Encyclopedia of Novels Into Film

PN1997.85.T54 2005

An Encyclopedia Dictionary of Women in Early American Films

PN1998.2.L686 2005

Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television

PN2285.C58 1999 v.1-33

Historical Dictionary of Fantasy Literature

PN3433.4.S73 2004

All Things Austen

PR4036.A275 2005 v.1-2

Encyclopedia of British Women’s Writing, 1990-1950

PR111.E55 2006

A Mary Shelley Encyclopedia

PR5398.A2M67 2003

Encyclopedia of Post-Colonial Literatures in English

PR9080.A52E53 2005 v.1-3

The Oxford encyclopedia of American literature

PS21.E537 2004

Encyclopedia of the Harlem Literary Renaissance

PS153.N5B675 2006

The GreenWood Encyclopedia of African American Literature

PS153.N5G73 2005 v.1-5

Writing Africa American Women: An Encyclopedia of Literature by and About Women of Color

PS153.N5W756 2006 v.1-2

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Poets and Poetry

PS303.G74 2006 v.1-5

American Voices: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary Orators

PS408.A47 2005

A Theodore Dreiser Encyclopedia

PS3507.R55Z459 2003

The Toni Morrison Encyclopedia

PS3563.O8749Z913 2003

The Nibelungen Tradition: An Encyclopedia

PT1589.N53 2002bx


The Gale Encyclopedia of Science

Q121.G35 1996 v.1-6

Science in the Contemporary World

Q121.S94 2005

Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia

Q121.V3 2002 v.1-2

Science in the Ancient World

Q124.95.L39 2004

Medieval Science, Technology, and Medicine: An Encyclopedia

Q124.97.M43 2005

Encyclopedia of the Scientific Revolution

Q125.E53 2000

Science in the Early Twentieth Century

Q125.H345 2005

Encyclopedia of World Climatology

QC854.E526 2005

Encyclopedia of Earth Science

QE5.K85 2005

Encyclopedia of Genetics

QH427.E53 2004 v.1-2

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition

QP141.E526 2005 v.1-4

Encyclopedia of Reproduction

QP251.E48125 1998 v.1-4


Medical Directory of New York State

R712.A1.M52 2000
Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine R733.G34 2000 v.1-4

Encyclopedia of Biostatistics

RA409.E53 2005 v.1-8

Encyclopedia of Mental Health

RA790.E53 1998 v.1-3

Encyclopedia of Health Care

RA971.E52 2004

Encyclopedia of DNA and the United States Criminal Justice System

RA1057.55P34 2004

Encyclopedia of Medicine

RC41.G35 1999 v.1-5

Magill's Medical Guide

RC41.M34 2005 v.1-4

The MIT encyclopedia of Communication Disorders

RC423.M56 2004

Encyclopedia of Behavior Modification and Cognitive Behavior Therapy

RC489.B4E485 2005 v.1-3

The Encyclopedia of Elder Care

RC954.E53 2004

The Encyclopedia of Work-Related Illness, Injuries, and Health Issues

RC963.A3K348 2004

Handbook of Child & Adolescent Psychology

RJ499.3.H356 1997 v.1-7

Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements

RM258.5.E53 2005

The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Substances

RM315.R83 1999


Encyclopedia of 20th-Century Technology

T9.E462 2005 v.1-2

Magill's Survey of Science

TA145.M298 1993 v.1-6

Encyclopedia of Energy Technology and the Environment

TJ163.235.E53 1995 v.1-4

The Internet Encyclopedia

TK5105.875.I57I5466 2004 v.1-3

Encyclopedia of Fire

TP265.N48 2002

Sotheby's World Wine Encyclopedia

TP546.S74 1988bx

The Abrams Encyclopedia of Photography

TR9.P4813 2004

Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Photography

TR648.E5 2006 v.1-3

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America

TX349.E45 2004 v.1-2

Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition

TX349.E47 2003 v.1-10

 Library Science and Publishing

Encyclopedia of Library & Information Science

Z1006.E57 1976 v.1-17

Contemporary Authors

Z1224.C58 1981 v.1-187

Gale Directory of Publications & Broadcast Media

Z6951.A97 2004 v.1-5

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