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Language and Literature Sources

 Online Databases

Some of these databases can be accessed from home for instructions on what is available and
information on accessing them please follow this link.

Book Review Digest
ERIC: Educational Resources Information Center
Gale Literary Index
LLBA: Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts 
Literature Resource Center
MLA International Bibliography

Internet Resources  

The Norton Anthology of English Literature --- Norton Topics Online

Online Literary Criticism: Internet Public Library

Poem Hunter.com: Poetry Search Engine
Project Muse: Scholarly Journals Online 
Shakespeare Homepage
Sonnet Central

Selected Periodicals  

American Literature
Chaucer Review
Contemporary Literature
Foreign Language Annals
Modern Language Review
Modern Philology
Philological Quarterly
World Literature Today

Reference Sources  


Contemporary Literary Criticism
Ref. PN 771.C59

Dictionary of Literary Biography
Ref. PS323.5.A5

Drama Criticism
Ref. PN1601.D59

Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics
Ref. P29.E48

Ref. PN44.M33

Medieval Literature Criticism
Ref. PN681.5.C57

Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism
Ref. PN761.N56

Poetry Criticism
Ref. PN1010.P499

Shakespearean Criticism
Ref. PN 2965.S44

Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism
Ref. PN771.G27

Call Numbers 

P            Philology. Linguistics

PA         Greek and Latin language and literature (including medieval)

PC         Romanic languages (French, Italian, Spanish and others)

PE         English language (including Old English, Modern English and slang)

PJ          Oriental languages and literatures (including Egyptology, Hebrew and Arabic)

PL          Languages and literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, and Oceana

PN         General literature (including poetry, drama, broadcasting, and prose fiction)

PQ         French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese literature (including juvenile and folk literature)

PR         English literature (including criticism, literary biography, poetry, prose, and drama)

PT         German, Dutch, Danish, Flemish, Afrikaans, Scandinavian, Old Norse, Old and Modern
  Icelandic and Old and Modern Norwegian, Faroese, and Swedish literatures


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