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Psychology Sources

Online Databases

Some of these databases can be accessed from home for instructions on what is available and
information on accessing them please follow this link.

Social Work Abstracts
Sociological Abstracts
Mental Measurements Yearbook


Internet Resources  

American Psychological Association- PsychNet
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
Psyche: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness 
Psychology Index for 2 Journals (Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior and the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis) 
Social Psychology Network 

Selected Periodicals  

Psychology Rehabilitation Journal
Psychology Times
Psychoanalytic Review
Psychology of Women Quarterly
Psychology Review

Psychology Today

Reference Sources


Blackwell Dictionary of Cognitive Psychology
Ref. BF 311.B535

Dictionary of Behavioral Science
BF 31.D48

Developmental Psychopathology
RC 454.4.D483

Encyclopedia of Adult Development
BF 724.5.E53

Encyclopedia of Human Behavior
BF 31.E5

Corsiniís Encyclopedia of Psychology
BF 31.E52

Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology
BF 31.G35

Handbook of the Psychology of Aging
BF 724.55.A35

International Handbook of Psychology
BF 77.I62

Magillís Survey of Social Sciences
BF. 31.S79


Call Numbers 

BF 1-990

BF 1001-1389             Parapsychology

BF 1404-2055             Occult Sciences


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