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Searching Ulrich's Periodicals Directory

What is Ulrich's?

Ulrich's database (ulrichsweb.serialssolutions.com) lists over 300,000 international periodicals covering a broad range of subject areas.

You can find information on each publication, including description, start date, frequency, circulation, country and language of origin, and whether or not it is refereed.

This is a great resource for...

  • Finding titles in a particular subject area

  • Locating electronic journals

  • Identifying and selecting refereed journals

  • Getting background information on a title

  • Searching for journals by country or language

How do you get to Ulrich's?

Ulrich's is listed under U on the alphabetic list of databases and under Directories--Business on the subject lists of databases.

Ulrich's Quick Search

The simplest way to begin searching Ulrich's is to use the Quick Search box at the top of the opening page. You can use keyword, or click the pull down menu for a more precise search for a subject or periodical title.

You can also browse through title and subject lists here.

Ulrich's Advanced Search

Click the Advanced Search tab at the top of the screen.

  • You can combine up to 5 terms in a variety of searchable indexes (keyword, title, subject, etc.)

  • Click the Refereed box to select only refereed titles.

  • Click the Online box to select electronic journals.

  • You can choose other limiting options as indicated.

Finding Journals in a Subject Area

Suppose you want to compile a list of Education journals:

Using the Quick Search box or Advanced Search, select SUBJECT from the pull down menu and type Education.

An alphabetic listing of over 13,000 titles will appear.

Electronic and Refereed Journals

As you scroll through the listings, electronic titles will be marked with a blue E, and refereed journals will have this image of a referee's shirt:

Selecting Refereed Titles in a Field

Suppose you want a list of refereed Education journals:

Using Advanced Search, select SUBJECT from the menu, and type Education. Then click in the Refereed box below, and execute your search.

An alphabetic listing of over 1400 titles will appear, each marked with the icon.

Sorting and Display Features

In addition to alphabetical title listings, you can sort your results by publisher, by country, or by start date.

For help with Ulrich's or any other Library resource or database, contact Reference at x2305.

Marilyn Rosenthal, Dec 2007
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