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A Student Guide to Electronic Reserve

In addition to hardcopy books that are held at the Circulation/Reserve Desk, your professor has placed readings for your class on Electronic Reserve, or ERes. ERes is a system that allows you to access reserve reading from any computer with internet access, whether you are in the library, in a computer lab, at home, or at work. You can choose to read materials online, download them to your home computer, or print them out for later reference.

Finding Your Course
Begin by visiting the LIU Post ERes home page on the library's website. From this page you can search for your instructor or the first word of your course title. Your search will give you an alphabetical list of courses that match the criteria you searched for. You may select your course from that list.

Logging On
In order to access your course materials, you may need to enter a password for your course. If you need one for your particular course page, you can also get the password from your professor or from the Circulation desk in the library. If you have trouble with this password, you may contact the Circulation desk. After entering your password, you will have to accept the copyright statement given in order to enter your course page. If you do not understand the statement, or would like more information on copyright, please contact the Circulation desk.

Finding Your Reading
Once you have entered your course page, you will need to locate the reading you need. Documents may be sorted either by title, author, call number, or format by clicking the button. Your professor may also choose to have items sorted into folders. For example, he or she could have a folder labeled "Tests" and another labeled "Readings." Items would then be sorted either alphabetically or in time order within those folders.

Viewing, Saving, And Printing
There are several types of online documents that can be posted on ERes. The most common types will be .pdf files (which can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader), Microsoft Word files (.doc), and Microsoft Excel (.xls) files. Students will need to have access to the corresponding "viewer". These viewers are available in all the computer labs on campus. However, students who own computers on or off campus may need to install the appropriate viewer or plugin for your course/reserve materials. If you do not have the appropriate program on your computer, free viewers and plugins are available for download through ERes.

Technical Requirements
ERes now uses "session variables" to remember information associated with your activity during an ERes session. This information is temporary and disappears either when you log out of ERes, or after a specified time-out period has elapsed. ERes does not write permanent cookies to your machine.

Printing Problems with Adobe Reader
If your document is printing out in reverse or mirror image then try the following:

  1. Click on the Print icon in Adobe Reader.
  2. Check the box marked "Print as image" in the printer window.
  3. Click OK.
  4. If your document still does not print correctly contact the Reference Desk in the library at x2305.

Getting Help
If you are having trouble using ERes, you can obtain online help by clicking the "Help" button located near the upper left hand portion of every screen. If you need additional assistance, you may call the Circulation desk at 516-299-2303, during library hours.

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