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The Karl Otto Paetel Beat Generation Collection
Karl Otto Paetel Holdings List


Banned. Introduction by Graville Hicks. Notes by Max Gartenberg. (New York): The Berkley Publishing Corporation. (1961). A Berkley Medallion Book.

Beat Jokes, Bop Humor, & Cool Cartoons. Compiled and edited by Bob Reisner with cartoons by Cecil Brothwaiste. New York: The Citadel Press [1960].

Beatitude Anthology. (San Francisco): City Lights Books. (1960). First Edition. (This is a selection, not all on the Beat frequency, from the first 16 issues of this "weekly miscellany of poetry and other jazz designed to extol beauty and promote the beatific life among the various mendicants, neo-existentialists, christs, poets, musicians, and other inhabitants and observers of North Beach, San Francisco, California, USA.")

Buckley, Richard Lord. Heparama of the Classics. [By ] Lord Buckley. (San Francisco: City Light Books, [1960]. First Edition.

Burroughs, William. The Exterminator. [By] William Burroughs [and] Brion Gysin. (San Francisco): The Auerhahn Press. 1960. First Edition.

Burroughs, William S. Nova Express. New York: Grove Press Inc. (1965, 1964). (An Evergreen Black Cat edition).

Corso, Gregory. Bomb. San Francisco: City Light Books. (1958). First Edition.

Corso, Gregory. Gasoline. Introduction by Allen Ginsberg. San Francisco: City Light Books. (1958). First Edition: The Pocket Poet Series: 8.

Corso, Gregory. The Happy Birthday of Death. (New York): New Directions Books. (1960). First Edition. (Loosely enclosed: Letter to CW Post Prof. Dr. Willi Anders. Munchen (Munich), March 24, 1960).

Corso, Gregory. Satyr's Chant [and] Spring's Melodius Herald. [Northampton, Massachusetts: Grecourt Review, 1959]. On cover: Grecourt Review. Limited to 6 to 10 copies of an offprint from the Grecourt Review.

Creeley, Robert. A Form of Women, Poems. New York: Jorgen Books, in association with Corinth Books. (1959). First Edition.

Creely, Robert. The Whip. [Worcester]: Migrant Books, 1957. First Edition.

Di Prima, Diane. This Kind of Bird Flies Backward. Introduction by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. (New York: Totem Press, 1958). First Edition. (Drawings by Bret Rohmer). cover title.

Ferlinghetti, Lawerence. Her. [New York: New Directions, 1960]. (New Directions Paperback).

Ferlinghetti, Lawerence. Moscow in the Wilderness, Segovia in the Snow. (San Francisco: Beach Books, Texts & Documents, 1967). First Edition, Second Printing. (Distributed by City Lights Bookstore).

Ferlinghetti, Lawerence. Tentative Description of a Dinner Given to Promote the Impeachment of President Eisenhower. (San Francisco: Golden Mountain Press, 1958). First Edition.

Ferlinghetti, Lawerence. Where Is Vietnam? San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1965. First Edition. Second printing.

Ginsberg, Allen. Short Line Improvisation. [Northampton, Massachusetts: Grecourt Review, 1957]. On cover: Grecourt Review. Offprint from the Grecourt Review. Accompanied by two typed poems: "The Shrouded Stranger" by Allen Ginsberg, Part 2 of "Poems from Subway to Work" by Peter Orlovsky.

Heliczer, Piero. and I dreamt I shot arrows in my amazon bra: a poem in 11 takes. [Brighton: Dead Languages; London: Matrix Press, 1963]. First Edition. Two copies.

Hollo, Anselm. said to be read. 10 variable pages. [London: s.n., 1960]. First Edition.

Jan 1st 1959: Fidel Castro. (Six poems by six poets). [New York]: Totem Press. [1959]. Blue Plate 1. First Edition.

Jones, Le Roi. Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note.... New York: Totem Press, in association with Corinth Books. (1961). First Edition.

Kander, Lenore. Beat and Beatific II. Poetry by Lenore Kandel & Walter C. Brown. Illustrations by John Leslie Fax II. (Los Angeles?): Three Penny Press, 1959.

Kaufman, Bob. Abomunist Manifesto. (San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1959). First Edition.

Kaufman, Bob. Does the Secret Mind Whisper? (San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1960). First Edition.

Kaufman, Bob. Second April. (San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1959). First Edition.

Kerouac, Jack. 4 Haikus, [S.1., n.d. (c1959). On cover: Grecourt Review.

Kerouac, Jack. The Dharma Bums. New York: The Viking Press, 1958. First edition.

Kerouac, Jack. On the Road. New York: The Viking Press, 1957. First edition.

Kerouac, Jack. Pull My Daisy. (Text ad-libbed by Jack Kerouac. For the film by Robert Frank and Alfred Leslie. Introduction by Jerry Tallmer). New York: Grove Press Inc. London: Evergreen Books Ltd. (1961). First Edition.

Krim, Seymour. Views of a Nearsighted Cannoneer. (Foreword by Norman Mailer). New York: Excelsior Press Publishers. (1960). First Edition.

Kupferburg, Tuli. Beating. New York: Birth Press. 1959. First Edition. "Beating is a Birth Baby number one."

Kupferburg, Tuli. Snow Job. New York: Pup Press. (1959). First Edition.

Lamantia, Philip. Ekstasis. (San Francisco): Auerhahn Press. 1959. First Edition. Limited to 950 copies.

Lamantia, Philip. Narcotica, I Demand Extinction Of Laws Prohibiting Narcotic Drugs! (San Francisco): Auerhahn Press. 1959. First Edition. Includes pieces by Antoin Artaud. Cover title: Narcotics. Lamantia - Artaud. Cover photographs by Wallace Berman.

Lipton, Lawerence. The Holy Barbarians. New York: Julian Messner Inc. (1959). First Edition.

Loewinsohn, Ron. Watermelons. (Introduction by William Carlos Williams). New York: Toten Press. [1959]. First Edition. Limited to 1000 copies.

Maclise, Angus. (Opening Section): Maclise made me on the dead language in paris at dixhuit rue Descartes. [Paris: The dead language, 1960]. First Edition.

McClure, Michael. For Artaud. (New York: Toten). [1959]. First Edition, Blue Plate #2.

McClure, Michael. Hymns to St. Geryon and other Poems. San Francisco: Auerhahn Press. 1959. First Edition.

Miller, Henry. Patchen: Man of Anger & Light. A Letter to G-d by Patchen, Kenneth. (New York: Padell, 1946). First Edition. (Promotional Brochure loosely inserted, of Kenneth Patchen's writings).

Minutes to Go. Sinclair Beiles, William Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Brion Gysin. (Paris: Two Cities Editions, 1960). First Edition.

Morris, William. 4: 4 selections from a work in progress; 4 paintings; 4 long poems. [s.l.: s.n., n.d. (1959?). Cover Title: 4: 4 mad prosems; 4 reproductions; 4 wild poems for the ear. Photos by Jay Weissberg.

O'Hara, Frank. Second Avenue. New York: Toten Press, in association with Corinth Books. (1960). First Edition.

Olsen, Charles. Mayan Letters. (Preface and Edited by Robert Creeley). (Palma de Mallorca, Spain):The Divers Press: 1953. First Edition.

Olsen, Charles. Projective Verse. (New York: Toten Press). [1959?]. First Edition. Errata slip loosely inserted.

Patchen, Kenneth. An Astonished Eye Looks Out Of The Air. Walsport, Oregon: Untide Press. (1945). First edition. Limited to 1,950 copies.

Patchen, Kenneth. Pictures of Life and of Death. New York: Padell. (1964). First Edition. Cover Title: 26 Poems.

Patchen, Kenneth. They Keep Riding Down All The Time. (New York: Padell, 1946). First Edition.

La poésie de la beat generation. Textes traduits de l'Américain et presents par Jean-Jacques Lebel. Prefure d'Alain Jouffroy. Paris: Denoël [1965]. First Edition.

Poetry of the Beat Generation: as read in the Gaslight. 116 McDougall Street, New York. [New York]: John Mitchell [1959]. Cover title: Gaslight Poetry Review. Written on verso of title page: "Cover by Fred W. McDarrah."

Whalen, Philip. Self-Portrait From Another Direction. (San Francisco): Auerhahn Press. 1959. First Edition.

Wieners, John. The Hotel Wentley Poems. (San Francisco): Auerhahn Press. 1958. First Edition. Signed by the Author.


Munchen: Published by Carl Hanser Verlag.
Library has: Heft 2 April 1958.
(Herausgegeben von Walter Hollerer und Hans Bender).

San Francisco, California: Published by Beat Publishing Co.
Library has: Issue #6; Issue #7 & 12 July, December 1959; Issue # 13 February 1960.

Big Table.
Chicago, Illinois.
Library has: Number 1, 2, & 3 Spring, Summer 1959; Number 4&5 Spring 1960.
Number 1: Edited by Irving Rosenthal, Numbers 2-5: edited by Paul Carroll.

The Black Mountain Review.
Black Mountain, North Carolina.
Library has: Volume 1 Number 1,2, 3, & 4 Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter 1954.
Edited by Robert Creeley.

Blätter +Bilder-Eine Zeitschrift für Dichtung Musik und Malerei.
Wien und Würzburg: Verlag Andreas Zettner.
Library has: Heft 2 Mai-June 1959; Heft 6 Januar-Februar 1960.
(herausgegeben von Horst Bienek und Hans Platschek).

Chicago Review.
Chicago, Illinois.
Library has: Spring, Summer, Autumn 1958 Volume 12 Number 1, 2, & 3; Summer 1959 Volume 13.
Volume 12: Edited by Irving Rosenthal, Volume 13: Edited by Hyung Woong Pak.

London. Published by Villiers Publications Ltd.
Library has: Volume 4 No. 1 Autumn 1959.
Edited by Gene Franklin.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Published by American Jewish Committee.
Library has: Volume 32 Number 4 October 1961.
Edited by Norman Podharetz.

Evergreen Review.
Published by Grove Press, New York. Edited by Barney Rosset.
Library has: Nos. 2 & 4; No. 8 Spring 1958; No. 9&10 1959; No. 11-15 1960; No. 16-20 1961; No. 22, 24-27 1962; No. 28-31 1963.

The Fifties.
Pine Island, Minnesota.
Library has: Third issue 1959.
Edited by William Duffy and Robert Bly.

The Floating Bear.
New York.
Library has: Issue #7 1961; Issue # 21, 22, & 26 1962; Issue # 27 & 28 1963; Issue #34 1967; Issue # 35 1968; Issue # 36 1969.
Edited by Diane di Prima.

Bloomington, Indiana. Published by the Department of English, Indiana University.
Library has: Volume 25 Number 1 Winter 1960.
Edited by Clayton Eshleman.

San Francisco.
Library has: No. 1.
Edited by Richard Duerden.

Lonsdowne Terreace, West Canada Territory.
Library has: Number 93-4 October 1947.
Edited by Cyril Connolly.

[San Francisco?}: The Place ?
Library has: Number 1 & 2 [1959].

Chicago, England, and New York.
Library has: Volume 4 Number 4 June 1959.
Edited by Dave Dellinger, Roy Finch, Sidney Lens and Bayard Rustin.

The Nation.
[Clippings]. 4 articles. (March 1958, August 1958, February 1959) and November 1965) and 1 poem by Laurence Ferlinghetti, January 1969.

The Noble Savage.
New York - Published by Meridian Books Inc.
Library has: Issue 1 March 1960.
Edited by Saul Bellow, Keith Botsford, and Jack Ludwig.

Odyssey-Explorations in Contemporary Poetry and the Arts.
Library has: Volume 1 Number 1 &4 1958, 1959.
Edited by R. R. Cuscaden and Ronald Offen.

The Origin - A Quarterly for the Creative.
Dorchester, Massachusetts.
Library has: I, II, III Spring, Summer, & Fall 1951; IV Winter 1951-1952; VI Summer 1952.
Edited by Cid Carman.

PR Partison Review.
New York- Published by the Foundation for Cultural Projects Inc.
Library has: Volume XXV Number 4 Fall 1958.
Edited by William Phillips and Philip Rahv.

Prairie Schooner.
Lincoln, Nebraska-Edited by Karl Shapiro.
Library has: Volume XXXIII Number 2 Summer 1959.

San Francisco Review.
San Francisco, California.
Library has: Spring 1959 Volume 1 Number 2.
Edited by R.H. Miller.

The Sixties.
Madison, Minnesota.
Library has: Number 4 Fall 1960.
Edited by William Duffy and Robert Bly.

Wagner Literary Magazine (Formerly Nimbus).
Staten Island, New York. Wagner College.
Library has: Spring 1959.
Edited by Norman Black.

New York.
Library has: 1, 2, & 3- 1958; 4 & 5-1959; 6-1960.
Edited by Le Roi Jones and Hettie Cohen.


The Auerhahn Press.
Library has 1 catalog, 1962; 1 announcement, n.d.; 1 poster of the publisher Books in Print, 1964.

Between the Covers Catalog #164, 2010.
"The Great Mimeograph Revolution". Small print runs. Counter-culture and Beat publications.

The Dead Language Catalog, 1963.
Rachel Janosick
Graduate Intern and Holdings List Compiler

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