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The Karl Otto Paetel Beat Generation Collection
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Beatitude. San Francisco, California - Published by Beat Publishing Co. Issue 13, February 1960.

Corso, Gregory. The Happy Birthday of Death. (New York) New Directions Books. (1960). First Edition.

Ferlinghetti, (Lawerence). Her. [New York - New Directions, 1960]. (New Directions Paperback).

Jan 1st 1959: Fidel Castro. (Six poems by six poets). [New York] Totem Press. [1959]. Blue Plate 1.

Lipton, Lawerence. The Holy Barbarians. New York - Julian Messner Inc. 1959. First Edition.

PR Partison Review. New York - Published by the Foundation for Cultural Projects Inc. Volume XXV, Number 4, Fall 1958.

Prairie Schooner. Lincoln, Nebraska. Edited by Karl Shapiro. Library has Volume XXXIII, Number 2, Summer 1959.

Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note.... New York - Totem Press, in association with Corinth Books. (1961). First Edition.

San Francisco Review. San Francisco, California. Spring 1959 Volume 1, Number 2.

"San Francisco Scene." Evergreen Review. Published by Grove Press, Inc. New York. Edited by Barney Rossett. Vol. 1, Nos. 2, 1958.

"The Shrouded Stranger." Typed Allen Ginsberg Poem. Gemini. Spring, 1959. vol. II, no. 6, p. 52.

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