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Archives of Samuel Beckett:
Theatrical Programs, Posters, Announcements and Photographs

Portrait of Samuel Beckett, Watercolor and Pencil by Jack Couglin, 2002

Samuel Beckett, Watercolor and Pencil by Jack Coughlin, 2002
Courtesy of Special Collections and Archives, B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library
C. W. Post Campus, Long Island University, Brookville, NY

The Samuel Beckett Theatrical Archive

This theatrical archive is part of the "Winthrop Palmer French and Irish Literature Collection". Samuel Beckett was a prominent 20th Century writer who bridges both French and Irish literatures as an Irishman whose most famous title was the French play En attendant Godot/Waiting For Godot. Beginning with Waiting For Godot, Beckett continued his avant-garde playwriting with Krapp's Last Tape, Happy Days, Endgame, Play, etc.

Beckett went to France in 1929 (at the age of 23) to teach at a Parisian école, and eventually to become James Joyce's secretary and friend. Although he started with translating from the French into English, after World War II Beckett wrote in French, such significant works as the trilogy of novels Molloy, Malone meurt, and L'innommable, as well as the great Godot play and other titles.

This archive of Beckett's theatrical work starts with the first production of Waiting For Godot in London in August, 1955 and continues to the close of the 1990's. It encompasses most of Beckett's other theatrical pieces as well as occasional special readings from Beckett’s works.

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