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From Paddock to Park: The Story of Belmont Lake State Park / C. Blakelock. Long Island Forum, Vol. 4, No. 5; p.103-106; May. 1941.
A very detailed article about the town of Belmont and the founding of Belmont Lake Park. The article includes the project history, the key players, and the development of Belmont race track. The article includes several images of historic buildings, such as the Belmont Mansion, the old Episcopal Church and images of the Belmont Lake.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

Belmont -- Architecture
Long Island Country Houses and Their Architects: 1860-1940 / R. MacKay. Journal of Long Island History, Vol. 6, No. 2; p.168-190; Spring 1994.
A detailed and long article about the various architecture of the important Long Island towns. It also talks about the development of Long Island in general, especially after wars. The article doesn't go over each town's detail, but rather talks about how different and unique Long Island architectural development is compared to other towns. It also gives a run-down of important architectural figures.
Illustrations or Maps: No

Belmont -- Belmont Park
The Birdmen of Belmont Park / T. Naughton. American Heritage, VII- 3; p.4-7, p.89-11; Apr. 56.
Historical account of the 1910 air met at Belmont Park on Long Island. Famous pilots, such as Mr. Arch Hoxsy, and Mr. Claude Grahame-Smith lead the air race for the cash prizes. Theodore Roosevelt was in attendance and was personally flown by Mr. Hoxsy.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

Belmont -- Horse Racing
Early Horse Racing on Long Island / C. Wood. Long Island Forum, Vol. 8, No. 2; p.27, 29-30,37; Feb. 1945.
A short article about the horse racing on Long Island. The article focuses on the people that worked on getting horse racing up and running rather than the direct impact on the towns, especially August Belmont. The article compares Long Island racing to the Lexington and Kentucky racing parks.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

Belmont -- National Parks and Reserves
Know Your State Parks / C. Blakelock. Long Island Forum, Vol. 4, No. 1; p.13-14; Jan. 1941.
A brief article about the state parks through-out Long Island. Primarily a paragraphical listing with brief notations of what makes each park special or worth seeing.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

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