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Blue Point
Suffolk's South Shore-A Strong Heritage / R. Jennings. Long Island Heritage, [no vol.]; p.9-11; Feb. 1982.
The article focuses on each town individually and how it relates to Suffolk County. Each town is given it's own history, and points out noted events.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

Blue Point -- Frank Bannerman
The Great Gun Merchant / J. Perisco. American Heritage, XXV-5; p.89- 90; Aug. 74.
A biographical account of the life of Frank Bannerman. He was a gun merchant in New York City, selling arms to international militia groups. He closed his office in NYC and moved to Blue Point, Long Island. His small fortress of a home and business eventually became Bannerman's Military Museum.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

Blue Point -- Privateering
Privateering by Long Islanders in the American Revolution / C. Nelson. Journal of Long Island History, Vol. 11, No. 1; p.25-34; Fall 1974.
A very short article about how Privateering changed the course of the American revolution when Admiral Lord Howe landed on Long Island. Mostly an overview, focusing on a few key figures, but mentions three important towns where standoffs or confirmations occurred.
Illustrations or Maps: No

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