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Elmont -- George Washington
George Washington and Long Island / K. Stryker-Rodda. Journal of Long Island History, Vol. 1, No. 1; p. 8-21; Spring 1961.
President George Washington scheduled a tour of Long Island from the 19th of April 1780 to the 24th April 1780. He stopped in many towns, and stayed over in quite a few of them. He kept a journal of when and where he stopped, of which towns he drove through, and of famous places.
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Elmont -- Newspapers
Newspapers As a Neglected Source / R. Winsche. Journal of Long Island History, Vol. 6, No. 3; p.15-28; Summer 1966.
This article runs chronologically and detailed account of important newspapers from important towns. Some newspapers have been destroyed by fire, flood, or plain neglect. It also includes notations when newspapers changed hands, changed coverage towns, or changed titles.
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