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The Birth of Nassau County (part 2) / G. Weeks, Jr. Long Island Forum, Vol. 3, No. 12; p.255-256; Dec. 1940.
A continuation of the article "The Birth of Nassau County," and primarily focuses on the politics and governmental issues. However, the majority of the article focuses on the people who were influential in developing the county.
Illustrations or Maps: No

Hicksville -- Architects
Long Island Country Houses and Their Architects: 1860-1940 / R. MacKay. Journal of Long Island History, Vol. 6, No. 2; p.168-190; Spring 1994.
A detailed and long article about the various architecture of the important Long Island towns. It also talks about the development of Long Island in general, especially after wars. The article doesn't go over each town's detail, but rather talks about how different and unique Long Island architectural development is compared to other towns. It also gives a run-down of important architectural figures.
Illustrations or Maps: No

Hicksville -- Clock Making
Hints From L.I. Clock People / P. Barrow. Long Island Heritage, [no vol.]; p.8-9; Jan. 1982.
A long and detailed article about clock making on Long Island. It gives a small history of clock making on Long Island, and how clock making has changed. It claims specific towns has having history in the clock making field.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

Hicksville -- Electric Storm
An Island wide Electric Storm / C. Wood. Long Island Forum, Vol. 8, No. 6; p.113; Jun. 1945.
A quick article about an electrical storm on August 12, 1895 that destroyed large portions of the island and took lives. Specific towns that had considerable damage is discussed.
Illustrations or Maps: No

Hicksville -- Industrialization
Industrial Zone for Island / M. Dobson. Long Island Forum, Vol. 4, No. 2; p.25-26, 30; Feb. 1941.
A very detailed article about the industrial boom on Long Island, focusing on several towns that have seen expansion recently. The towns listed are listed as having had an impact on the industrial changes on Long Island. It also discusses the National Defense Program's influences, as well as the Department of Education, and the Long Island Rail Road's influence.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

Hicksville -- Long Island Railroad Company
The Long Island Rail Road: Still on Track After Years / M. Smith. Long Island Heritage, [no vol.]; p.28-29, 37; Mar. 1984.
A very long article about the history of the Long Island Rail Road, and how it operates today. A listing of towns and stops are given in the article, through paragraphs.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

Hicksville -- Potato Farming
Nassau's Potato Belt / H. Campbell. Long Island Forum, Vol. 3, No. 7; p.145-146; Jul. 1940.
An article about the impact of potato farming on Long Island. Hicksville was the primary area where potato farming was done, followed by other towns. The article discusses the yield, where potatoes where shipped, and where the potato industry stands as of 1940.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

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