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Jones Beach
Bellmore-Wantagh-Merrick: A South Shore Historical Bonanza / J. Horan. Long Island Heritage, [no vol.]; p.6-7; Jan. 1982.
This article is the primary history of the three towns focused on in this article. The article goes over the historical importance each town has had on Long Island.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

Jones Beach -- Maps
Long Island Triangulated: Nineteenth-Century Maps and Charts of the U.S. Coast Survey / D. Allen. Journal of Long Island History, Vol. 6, No. 2; p.191-207; Spring 1994.
An article about 19th century map-making of Long Island by Ferdinand Hassler. Hassler was commissioned by President Jefferson to make a complete and accurate survey of the Shore of Long Island. He used several larger towns as points of references. Images included.
Illustrations or Maps: No

Jones Beach -- State Parks
Know Your State Parks / C. Blakelock. Long Island Forum, Vol. 4, No. 1; p.13-14; Jan. 1941.
A brief article about the state parks through-out Long Island. Primarily a paragraphical listing with brief notations of what makes each park special or worth seeing.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

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