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Cedar Swamp Historical Society Collection: 18th-20th Century Historical Letters

Letter to A.C. Lynch from John Howard Payne, regarding his efforts to help Lynch claim their grandfather's commutation from the latter's service in the Connecticut Continental Line during the Revolutionary War.


Irving (?), July 9: 1850..

My dear Miss(?) Lynch,

          My friend Col: Mackay, of whom I have so often spoken to you, received some memoranda from a friend of yours in relation to your claim. He finds that you were mistaken about the rank of your grandfather - "Ebenezer (F)?ray of the Connecticut Continental Line" was not a Lieutenant but a Lieutenant Colonel, and served to the end of the war. - If the commutation was never paid - and their(?) point cards ascertained from the auditor's books, - it is believed that your claim will entitle you to some fifteen thousand dollar, in all; but, as the fund to which it was chargeable was reverted in trust to the United States, you will be obliged to petition Congress to direct its(?) being re-newed. A little management will enable this to be done without difficulty. It does not yet appear that you can derive advantage from any existing law, excepting that for commutation which passed in 1780. -

          Col: Mackay gave me a letter which he requested I would transmit to you for the purpose of obtaining the signature to it of your Senator a member.


Miss(?) A: C: Lynch

If asked from the (?) auditor to be informed whether your grandfather ever obtained his Commutation Certificate? - To save you trouble, I have taken the liberty to attend to the letter myself. It has been signed by the Hon: Truman Smith, Senator from Connecticut, and it will be sent in forthwith.

          Earnestly I hope that the agreeable prospect thus dawning, will be realized. Col: Mackay promises to see that you are put to no expence in the pursuit of your object.

          Though I am not much, either of a (?) or a gad-a-bout, I can move readily enough where effort promises to be serviceable, and in the present case I shall do so with more than ordinary pleasure, as will my friend. - So do not hesitate unreservedly to command both Col: Mackay and

My dear Miss(?) Lynch
Yours very respectfully
and faithfully

John Howard Payne.


Transcribed by Amanda Cintron
Palmer School of Library and Information Science
July 11, 2012