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Cedar Swamp Historical Society Collection: 18th-20th Century Historical Letters

Personal letter to Lieut. John Williamson from Mr.Satterley discussing politics and events of the war, as well as the death of a mutual friend.


Setauket 27th Oct. 1814

D. Friend

          Your communication of the 22.nd inf(?) I received by Pv. Smith, Am sorry to hear that your expedition could not have been in season to have relieved the cutter if it was practicable, but I am not much disappointed in the result. I have long been of the opinion that such distant expeditions are entirely useless with our present limited means, the time taken to convey you the information with the necessary preparation you will have to make will ever defeat the object. It however answers one valuable purpose by shewing your spirit and disposition to meet the enemy (?) is possible -

          The amount of fines imposed by the court rather exceeded my expectation, but I was agreably disappointed, I have no doubt they richly deserved all the punishment that you inflicted, nothing but the rigorous execution of the law in such cases with will now answer; time has sufficiently shewn that half way measures ought to cease -

          The hour at length a part of a line of Videttes established on the North side, a Cornet and two Privates arrived in this place yesterday, none goes further eastward, Mount Misery was mentioned in their orders as the place of observation but on viewing Old Field Point, they h(?) prefer the latter, by which they avoid a great deal of bad road and have equally as good if not better places for observation. They make Head Quarters at present at Morris, but we shall(?) endeavour to rem(?) them from that place unless their politics should interfere, which I much fear will be the case.

          Shepherd's death was quite sudden, although we had no reason to expect that he would live long from the state of his health at the time and long before he undertook his journey; It is however without doubt that the fatigue he underwent in returning home hastened his death, I have been assisting the connection in arranging his accounts, his debts are large, but John and Gilbert calculate for the widow to remain there if it is possible to save the homestead, but you may rest assured that if sold, it will not fall in the hands of (?). Notwithstanding no means will be left untried by them to accomplish that object - (?) Brewster and E. Woodhue was married on Monday (?), the Judge app(?) to receive on the event, and I make no doubt(?), events he dispose of the other, his health would be materially advanced - I have not received my official communications relative to my military application yet, but from information received from other sources, I have no doubt of success, if the men are raised the idea you suggest relative to something similar for yourself I sincerely wish you might realize, but do not delay your application, make it reasonably and you ^need have no fear of success, halt not between two opinions for now is the acceptable and perhaps the only time -

          The documents lately given to the Public shewing the demands of the enemy, together with the instructions given to commissioners(?) contain important information; Now is the time come that will again try mens souls, the enemy intoxicated with the success he has lately accomplished on the continent vainly hopes that the hosts he has lately let loose on our Northern and Atlantic frontier will bring us to a similar fate, but thanks to the heroes of Champlain and Plattsburgh their ^(?) designs are thus far prostrate(?), our country, our government, and all that is dear to Freeman now call loudly for our unanimous support, let our lives fortune and honor(?) be pledged for their maintenance and security -

Lieut Williamson

Yours with esteem
F. (?). Satterley

Ps An alarm is just given, the Brig sloop and Cutters are off the harbor.


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July 11, 2012