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Cedar Swamp Historical Society Collection: 18th-20th Century Historical Letters

Orders issued from Brig. Gen. Udall to commanding officers to assemble their regiments at the listed locations and dates. Col. William Williamson named in orders.


Bridge Hampton
          10 Sept 1843~

Brigade Orders

The several Regiments comprising the 33rd Brigade of Suf county will meet, by Regiment, for instruction & review at the times & places herein-after mentioned - viz-

          Col Cornelius' (137 Right) on Tuesday the 10th of October, at the Inn of J_(?) B_(?) in Commack.

          Col. Williamson's (132 Right) on Wednesday the 11th at R.W. Smith, Coram -

          Col. Hempstead's (107 Right) on Thursday the 12th at Henry T. Plump, Riverhead -

          Lt. Col. (?) (80th Right) on Friday the 13 at R. _(?) in Bridge Hampton -

          Officers commanding Regiments will make the necessary arrangements for carrying this order into complete effect -

By order of Brig. Gen. Udall
Edwin R_(?)
Brig. Ins_(?)


Transcribed by Amanda Cintron
Palmer School of Library and Information Science
July 11, 2012