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Cedar Swamp Historical Society Collection: 18th-20th Century Historical Letters

Letter to Col. William Williamson from Mr.Rowley asking him to revoke a fine he received for not appearing at a court martial. Additional statements from Henry R.


          Patchouge Feb 23 1843

Col. Wm._Williamson Sir

                                        I have been this day informed by the martial that the late courtmartial laid a fine on me for not appearing at training, his demand for the fine was the first information that I had that I had been returned, as I was not warned to attend courtmartial accertaining that ten days are allowed for appeals after such notice. I hereby appear to your equity to revoke said fine - as I was not notified of said courtmartial and thereby deprived of the opportunity to show good and sufficient cause why I did not appear at training by exhibiting my certificate signed by Capt Howell and Dr Rice based upon oath made before B. Woodhull Esq. that I am deficient in eye sight said certificate bears date Sept 1840.

Lover(?) Rowley

To Col Wm._Williamson Sir

                                        Mr. Rowley has requested me to state to you that he has exhibited a certificate as above stated to me.

          Mr. Rowley states to me before (?) that had (?) certificate but did not present it until the above date. At the time he made the statement I was not satisfied with the occular evidence and returned him.

Yours Respectfully &

Henry Rete(?)

Please to let Mr. Rowley know
your decision on the above}


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Palmer School of Library and Information Science
July 11, 2012