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Cedar Swamp Historical Society Collection: 18th-20th Century Historical Letters

Letter from General Clinton asking that some of his officers be allowed to have their wives and children come to New York and general criticism of the practice of "detaining women and children from their husbands and parents".


Long Island (?) (?) November 13th 1779

Dear Sir

          I beg leave to inform your Excellency that Capt: McDonald and Capt Trevor late of the County of Albaney Are Now with Me. And agreeable to the law of nature Are Very Solicitious to have thier wives and children Now at Albaney and Scanacaty permit[ed] to come to New York. I have always thought the practise of detaining women and children from thier husbands and parents cruel and opressive and indeed Unnecessary except in some few instances where or when or by whom this unnatural practise was began. I cannot tell but wish it was entirely laid aside. The gentlemen in the Brittish lines profess thier willingness to lay it aside and indulge the Unfortunate the enjoyment of thier connections. I hope the Americans may never be outdone by Aney of the Sons of Adam in acts
[missing]. I therefore beg that if it be
[missing]...that your Excellency would be
[missing]...or aid ladys to come in and the
[missing]...Remove a woefull evel

[missing]...(?) with the greatest esteem your
[missing]...Very humble [missing]
[missing]James M:Clagh[missing]


Transcribed by Amanda Cintron
Palmer School of Library and Information Science
July 11, 2012