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New Hyde Park -- Kelsey House
The Gray Ghost at New Hyde Park / E. Wagner. Long Island Forum, Vol. 3, No. 7; p. 141-142, 144; Jul. 1940.
A detailed article about The Gray Ghost, which is also known as the Kelsey House. The land was originally settled as the Dougan House in 1685, which lasted until 1926, when the Kelsey House was built. The article notes that the house is in a run-down state and urges that it should be repaired in order to preserve Long Island cultural history.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

New Hyde Park -- Potato Farming
Nassau's Potato Belt / H. Campbell. Long Island Forum, Vol. 3, No. 7; p.145-146; Jul. 1940.
An article about the impact of potato farming on Long Island. Hicksville was the primary area where potato farming was done, followed by other towns. The article discusses the yield, where potatoes where shipped, and where the potato industry stands as of 1940.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

New Hyde Park -- William Cobbett
William Cobbett and Long Island / C. Barrows. Journal of Long Island History, Vol. 5, No. 4; p.1-12; Fall 1965.
William Cobbett spent a year in Long Island, living in the Governor Dongan mansion in North Hempstead and some time in New Hyde Park. He even wrote a book, Year's Residence in the United States of America, while managing his loyalist paper Registrar (based in England) and making a meager living in Long Island. The majority of the article is a biographical account of his life in totem, Long Island just being a small fraction.
Illustrations or Maps: No

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