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Rockaway Beach
And the History Goes 'Round & 'Round / T. Waitkins. American Heritage, XXXI-1; p.75-76; Dec. 79.
(Book Review) A very small notation about that uses a photographic essay to detail the history of the popular carousels on Long Island. A painting from 1880 shows the Bauerhaus Hotel and it's carousel on Rockaway Beach.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

Rockaway Beach -- Maps
History of Long Island Maps / P. Bassett. Journal of Long Island History, Vol. 7, No. 1; p.1-24; Spring 1967.
A long and detailed article of how Long Island was originally mapped. The article starts with Giovannni de Verrazzano's 1524 French drawing of Long Island, and continues until 1955, with a modern map by Lockwood, Kessler, & Bartlett (a mapping company). Several maps include specific and important towns, not always in the same location, as done by the French, the Dutch, and the English. Images of maps, and notations of important towns included.
Illustrations or Maps: No

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