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Environment vs. Development: Groundwater and Land Use Planning in Nassau and Suffolk Counties / L. Koppelman. Journal of Long Island History, Vol. 10, No. 1; p.16-24; Fall 1997.
The article primarily focuses on Queens and Brooklyn and how proper planning and land use since World War II, while pointing out key planners in each county. The article covers land use decision between the counties since 1930 to 1987.
Illustrations or Maps: No

Ronkonkoma -- Expressways and Highways
Long Island Motor Parkway: An Innovative Highway Built for High Speeds / K. Navratil. Long Island Heritage, [no vol.]; p.53; Oct. 1984.
A detailed notation of the history of the Long Island Expressway, from it's conception to it's modern state. It discusses the Vanderbuilt involvement in building the road, racing on the roadway, and how it became known for it's high-speed usage.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

Ronkonkoma -- Industrialization
Industrial Zone for Island / M. Dobson. Long Island Forum, Vol. 4, No. 2; p.25-26, 30; Feb. 1941.
A very detailed article about the industrial boom on Long Island, focusing on several towns that have seen expansion recently. The towns listed are listed as having had an impact on the industrial changes on Long Island. It also discusses the National Defense Program's influences, as well as the Department of Education, and the Long Island Rail Road's influence.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

Ronkonkoma -- Long Island Railroad Company
The Fullertons and the Experimental Farms of the Long Island Railroad / C. Chorzempa. Journal of Long Island History, Vol. 6, No. 2; p.245-253; Spring 1994.
Primarily about the rise of the Fullerton family and their ownership of the Long Island Rail Road. Certain towns noted for the demand by the public for train access to Manhattan or Brooklyn.
Illustrations or Maps: No

Ronkonkoma -- Newspapers
Newspapers As a Neglected Source / R. Winsche. Journal of Long Island History, Vol. 6, No. 3; p.15-28; Summer 1966.
This article runs chronologically and detailed account of important newspapers from important towns. Some newspapers have been destroyed by fire, flood, or plain neglect. It also includes notations when newspapers changed hands, changed coverage towns, or changed titles.
Illustrations or Maps: No

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