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Shinnecock Bay -- Hurricanes
The '38 Hurricane / J. McCarthy. American Heritage, XX-5; p.13, 102; Aug. 69.
A note about the hurricane damage.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

Shinnecock Bay -- Sailing Ships
Southampton's Strange Shipyard / C. Wood. Long Island Forum, Vol. 8, No. 12; p.227-228; Dec. 1945.
A short article about the building of two ships in the streets of Southampton. The ships were overly large and were linked to black market trading after disembarking from Long Island. One of the influential people in the creation of these boats is William French. They traveled around Long Island before leaving for Spain.
Illustrations or Maps: Yes

Shinnecock Bay -- Storms
Historic Storms and Gales on Island (Part 1 of 3) / O. Shaw. Long Island Forum, Vol. 2, No. 1; p.9-10, 19; Jan. 1939.
A detailed article that compiles a listing of storm damaged towns, and much like the American Heritage articles, explains the damage done by storms to the Island.
Illustrations or Maps: No

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