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The Archive of Joan and John Digby:

Private Press Publications

The Old Goat. Reflections on Rauschenberg's Combines
Digby, Joan. The Old Goat. Reflections on Rauschenberg's Combines.
Collages by John Digby. Oyster Bay, NY: The Feral Press, 2006

The Archive of Joan and John Digby: Private Press Publications

Joan and John Digby's small press endeavors have emphasized a collaboration between visuals and textual creativity, with a constancy to black and white illustrations, drawings, collages, engravings and photographs.

Dr. Joan Digby is a distinguished professor of English at Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus, and an expert photographer whose camera work illuminates many of the Digby's small press publications.

John Digby is an acclaimed collagist and poet whose images have been widely exhibited and collected. As well as his illustrations for magazines and book publishers, his collages have enriched many of the text of The Feral Press authors in addition to his own.

The Feral Press has now adopted a new imprint, The Prehensile Pencil Publications (PPP). This small press is dedicated to producing short works of a specific nature, essays, stories, poems - that gain strength from being interpreted in various black-and-white media. Although many print presses focus on hand-made paper and letterpress printing, PPP deliberately uses ordinary materials because it emphasizes the work itself. Prehensile Pencil Publications "gives equal weight to both word and image in limited edition booklets illustrated in black-and-white media - pencil and ink drawings, collage and photography - reproduced in carbon transfer."

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