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W.E. Hutton/Chapin Family Mementos and Ephemera - Box 1

Category Item Number/Quantity Description Location
Mementos and Ephemera Brass Letter Opener 1 Brass, highly decorative, and embossed with raised images. 25.5cm in length. Box 1
Mementos and Ephemera Hill School Clear Plastic Paper Weight 1 Contains embedded nail/ spike. Left of the nail reads "John Meigs House 1793-1973." To the right of the nail reads "The Hill School 1851." Diameter 9cm. Box 1
Mementos and Ephemera W.E. Hutton Button Pin 2 Picture of W.E. Hutton on a circular button pin. Diameter 5.5cm. Box 1
Mementos and Ephemera Ammunition Belt 1 Dark green ammunition belt. Adjustable. Room for 25 rounds of ammunition. The initials JCH appear in black on the belt.24.5cm in length. 4.5cm in width. Box 1
Mementos and Ephemera Telephone Notepad 1 Full leather notepad with a decorative metal plate, thick outer border which is silver colored, and an inner segment which is gold colored. A letter 'T' is etched into the center cover. There is paper upon which to take telephone messages. A leather loop to hold a pen on the right side. 19.5cm X 8.5cm Box 1
Mementos and Ephemera American Cancer Society Award Plaque 1 Wooden plaque with a gold metal plate neat the bottom with the following text, "Wm.E. Hutton - In grateful acknowledgment of outstanding service to the cause of cancer control - American Cancer Society". Upper 2/3rds of the plague has the symbol for the American Cancer Society - two serpents twining around a hilt of a sword. 8cm X 24cm Box 1
Mementos and Ephemera Hill School Plaque 1 Shield shaped plaque with the coat of arms for the Hill School and text: "Whatsoever Things Are True." 18cm X 15cm Box 1
Mementos and Ephemera Business Card Holder plus Personalized Business Card 1 Black plastic business card holder. Contains, blank, white business cards with only the name "William E. Hutton" centered on the card. Open the dimensions are - 10cm X 12cm Box 1
Mementos and Ephemera WEH Initial Stamper 1 Heavy brass stamp with the initials "WEH". The head is attached via a long brass handle with a wooden knob on the end. 30cm in length. Box 1
Mementos and Ephemera WEH Initialed Post-it Notes Holder 1 Small box with no lid covered in leather. Has enough depth for 2 pads of post-its. There is a lengthening of the holder where the copper etched "WEH" are displayed. 11.5cm X 10cm X 2cm Box 1
Mementos and Ephemera Initialed Post-it Notes 0 Standard white post-its with the name "William E. Hutton" in the upper left corner. 10Cm X 7.5 cm Box 1
Mementos and Ephemera WH Initialed Bill Fold 1 Bill fold is blue leather with the initials "WH" is gold lettering. The front has 4 covered corners to allow the insertion of a photograph. Below is the phrase, "Smythson Of Bond Street". 14cm X 9cm Box 1

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