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W.E. Hutton/Chapin Family Mementos and Ephemera - Box 2

Category Item Number/Quantity Description Location
Mementos and Ephemera Large American Cancer Society Award Plaque 1 Large wooden plaque with text: "Meritorious Service Award to William E. Hutton For Exceptional and Devoted Service Since 1951 in the Crusade to Conquer Cancer - American Cancer Society New York City Division, Inc. 1976". 30cm X 22.5cm Box 2
Mementos and Ephemera New York Stock Exchange Board of Governors Plaque 1 Wooden plaque from the New York Stock Exchange with text: "Member, Board of Governors New York Stock Exchange". Following text in the bottom middle of metal plate, " Name Plate From Chair In Board of Governors Room". There are two spaces above and below the middle text, with accompanying empty screw holes, where it looks like two name plates were removed. 28cm X 20.5cm Box 2
Mementos and Ephemera The Huttons Napkins 11 items 11 white napkins with two blue stripes along each edge of the napkin. Printed in corner in red ink:"The Huttons". 21.5cm X 21.5cm. Box 2

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