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W.E. Hutton/Chapin Family Mementos and Ephemera - Box 3

Category Item Number/Quantity Description Location
Mementos and Ephemera Brass Luggage Tags 2 Personalized luggage tags. One for Mr. Hutton, another for Mrs. Hutton. Both have the address of their residence at the time. 7.5cm X 2.5cm Box 3
Mementos and Ephemera Tiffany & Co Credit Card 1 Expired Tiffany and Co. credit card. Signed by Mrs. W.E. Hutton 5cm X 8.5cm Box 3
Mementos and Ephemera Admirals Club American Airlines Luggage Tag 1 For Mrs. W.E. Hutton. 4cm X 8cm Box 3
Mementos and Ephemera Framed Birthday Invitation to "The Stock Exchange Luncheon Club" 1 Wood-framed invitation to The Stock Exchange Luncheon Club, with text: "You are cordially invited to attend a special reception to honor former President William 'Waldorf Willy' Hutton on the occasion of his ninety-second birthday. Main Dining Room - The Stock Exchange Luncheon Room Club - Monday After The Close - May 24, 1999". 19.5cm X 24cm Box 3
Mementos and Ephemera W.E. Hutton Personal Stationary 5 Pads The text at the top of the pad reads "All Bull, No Bear - William E. Hutton". The background of the pad is three columns of stock quotes. 20.5cm X 15cm Box 3
Mementos and Ephemera W.E. Hutton Harvard Appreciation Box 1 Wooden box bound in red leather with text "Veritas" as a coat-of-arms. Below reads "W.E.H. In Appreciation of Service to Harvard." 11cm X 4cm X 19.5cm Box 3

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