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W.E. Hutton/Chapin Family Mementos and Ephemera - Box 6

Category Item Number/Quantity Description Location
Mementos and Ephemera The New World Book of Huttons 1 Small gray soft-covered genealogical book which details the origins of the Hutton surname. 21cm X 27cm X 7cm. Box 6
Mementos and Ephemera The History of the Hill School 1 Blue hard-covered book with the seal of the Hill School embossed in metal in the center of the cover. The following page is a signed message to William E. Hutton from the Headmaster of the Hill School, Charles C. Watson. It is dated June 24, 1976. 16.5cm X 24cm X 3cm Box 6
Mementos and Ephemera The Life of Sammy Chapin Winston 1 Black hard-covered biographical book entitled "The Life of Sammy Chapin Winston" by Frederick Waterman. Copyright 2003. 14.5cm X 22cm X 1cm Box 6
Mementos and Ephemera William E. Hutton International Driving Permit 1 Light gray, card-stock with the following text on the cover "United States of America - International Motor Traffic - International Driving Permit - Convention on International Road Traffic of 19 September 1949 - (United Nations) - Issued at Falls Church, Virginia 22047, USA - Valid for one Year From - Date Oct 1st 1982 - Important: This Permit is not Valid - For Driving in the United States" With the seal of the American Automobile Association - " J.B. Creal - Authorized Signature of the Empowered Authority - NO 609635". 10.5cm X 15.5cm Box 6

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