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W.E. Hutton/Chapin Family Mementos and Ephemera - Box 9

Category Item Number/Quantity Description Location
Mementos and Ephemera W.E. Hutton Harvard 1930 Year Book 1 Large, black covered bound book. Unidentified. 27.5cm X 35cm Box 9
Mementos and Ephemera Trinity Church Certificate of Appreciation 1 Blue leather bound certificate holder containing the certificate of appreciation from "The Rector, Churchwardens and Vestrymen of Trinity Church". Includes a calligraphic rendering of "Mr. Hutton", with a gold leaf angel. Box 9
Mementos and Ephemera American Cancer Society Certificate of Merit 1 White certificate of merit with the following text. "1961 - Certificate of Merit - American Cancer Society, Inc. - Acknowledges with sincere appreciation - the outstanding service rendered by - William E. Hutton - as chairman of the Cancer Crusade of the - New York City Cancer Committee" 30cm X 25cm Box 9
Miscellaneous Business Papers Appraisal Book of Mr. & Mrs. William E. Hutton - February 13-15, 1968 118 pages Black 3 ring-binder. "Appraised Inventory of Household Furnishings" for "Mr. & Mrs. William E. Hutton, Locust Valley, L.I. and New York City." Appears to be a copy of an original. Markings of both ink and pencil. Removed a staple in the upper left hand corner of the title sheet. 27.5cm X 29cm. Box 9
Mementos and Ephemera HAVOC - 5 - September 3 -6, 1993. 1 booklet Chapin family reunion directory booklet entitled the "Headquarters for the Advancement of Vistation of Chapins- HAVOC, 5" at Sun Valley, Idaho. Includes Chapin family tree. September 3 - 6, 1993. 17cm X 21.5cm. Box 9
Mementos and Ephemera HAVOC - 6 - September 11 - 15, 1998 1 booklet Chapin family reunion directory booklet entitled the "Hijinks Afoot in the Visitation Of Chapins- HAVOC 6" at Ocean Edge Resort, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. September 11-15, 1998. Pen and Pencil markings. "Joan C. Hutton" written in pencil on the cover. Includes family tree. 17cm X 21.5cm. Box 9
Mementos and Ephemera Bulletin of The Garden Club of America - May 1955 42 pages in book 10 loose pages "Bulletin of The Garden Club of America" Vol. 43-No. 3- May 1955, With pencil marking underlining the name "Mrs. Roy D. Chapin" on page 19. Also on page 19, upper right hand corner has been folded over. 21.5cm X 14.5cm. Between pages 26-27, ten pages of looseleaf is tucked and labeled "Azaleas - Suited to Our Garden" with various pencil markings. 14cm. X 21.5cm. Box 9

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