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Clifford Nickels Carver (1891-1965). Graduate of Princeton University (1913), Carver became Secretary (1914-1915) to Walter H. Page, American ambassador to Great Britain, and then served as Secretary (1915) to Edward Mandell House ("Colonel House"), President Wilson's personal representative to Europe. He was an assistant to Bernard M. Baruch, working for the War Industries Board and then gained a commission in the U. S. Navy, attached to the Office of Naval Intelligence. Carver was a renowned collector of book-plates by famous Americans, Princetonians, and Europeans. He authored Book-Plates of Well-known Americans, 1911.

The Carver donation was received by the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library in 1966.

The collection includes such treasures as the first illustrated edition of Paradise Lost (1688) and a copy of The Poetical Works (1720) owned by an Irish Viscount, Powerscourt.

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