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The History of the French Masculine Costume - Cloaks - Restoration

Giafferri, Paul Louis de. The History of French Masculine Costume. New York: Foreign Publications, [n.d.]. 10 Parts.

  1. Gallo-Roman Togas and Tunics
  2. Monastic and Byzantine Attire in the Middle Ages
  3. Caps and Collars: Renaissance
  4. Doublets and Jerkins: Louis XIII and Louis XIV
  5. Refined Tastes of French Garments: Louis XV
  6. Masculine Ideal: Perukes and Dress Coats: Louis XVI
  7. Supreme Good Manners of the Revolutionary "Sans-culottes"
  8. Napoleonic Imperial Official Smartness
  9. Romantic Dandies and Beaux of the Restoration Period
  10. Appearance of the Second Empire Fops

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