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Special Collections has 6,000 movie posters mainly from the 1940s and 1950s. Posters from the 100 best movies can now be viewed online.

Currently on Display
⚾  Let's Go Out to the Ball Game  ⚾
Upstairs Hallway

  • It Happened in Flatbush (1942) starring Lloyd Nolan, Carole Landis, Sara Allgood, William Frawley, Robert Armstrong, Jane Darwell, George Holmes, Scotty Beckett, Joseph Allen, James Burke, Roger Imhof, Matt McHugh, LeRoy Mason, Pat Flaherty, Dale Van Sickel.
    "A washed up baseball player returns to Brooklyn to manage his old team but ends up clashing with the beautiful new owner."

  • It Happens Every Spring (1949) starring Ray Milland, Jean Peters, Paul Douglas, Ed Begley, Ted de Corsia, Ray Collins, Jessie Royce Landis, Alan Hale Jr., William Murphy.
    "A college professor is working on a long term experiment when a baseball comes through the window destroying all his glassware. The resultant fluid causes the baseball to be repelled by wood. Suddenly he realizes the possibilities and takes a leave of absence to go to St. Louis to pitch in the big leagues where he becomes a star and propels the team to a World Series appearance."

  • The Kid from Left Field (1953) starring Dan Dailey, Anne Bancroft, Billy Chapin, Lloyd Bridges, Ray Collins, Richard Egan, Bob Hopkins, Alex Gerry, Walter Sande, Fess Parker, George Phelps, John Gallaudet, Paul Salata, John Beradino, Gene Thompson.
    "Coop, an ex-ballplayer who's now a peanut vendor, takes too much of an interest in the game. But he's passed on his craze for baseball to his son, Christie. When his dad gets fired, Christie makes friends with the former team owner's niece and not only gets his dad's job back but a batboy position for himself. With his dad's help, Christie begins to make a few suggestions here and there. And as a publicity stunt, the team makes him their youngest manager on record. But when Christie gets sick, Coop has to come to the rescue."

  • The Pride of St. Louis (1952) starring Dan Dailey, Joanne Dru, Richard Hylton, Richard Crenna, Hugh Sanders, James Brown, Leo Cleary.
    "The story of Jerome 'Dizzy' Dean, a major-league baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs in the 1930s and 1940s."

  • Roogie's Bump (1954) starring Robert Marriott, Ruth Warrick, Olive Blakeney, Robert F. Simon, William Harrigan, David Winters, Michael Mann, Archie Robbins, Louise Troy, Guy Rennie, Tedd Lawrence, Michael Keane, Roy Campanella, Billy Loes, Carl Erskine.
    "A young boy who loves baseball develops a strange bump on his arm. The bump has such an effect on his pitching arm that he soon finds himself playing for a major league baseball team."

Currently on Display
⚾  The American Juvenile Collection  ⚾
Upstairs Hallway

Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database.

The Library's movie posters also paper the walls of the newly refurbished Paramount Theater at LIU Brooklyn, thanks, in part, to the efforts of former LIU president, David Steinberg (1985-2013). Only duplicate copies of Paramount Pictures movie titles were picked and then placed in secure frames. Very recently, the rest of the Paramount duplicates were also sent to be framed. There is also the exciting possibility of movie poster exhibits animating one of the Tilles Center's rooms. Movie buffs, please watch for coming attractions.

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