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Collection Finding Aid:


The Original Movie Poster Research Collection is comprised of 6,000+ movie posters given to Special Collections in two separate donations by Frederick Adler in 1972 and 1974, and Philip Sills in 1972.



Time Period:

1940 - 1962


The Original Movie Poster Collection contains more than 6,000 Original Movie Posters dating from 1940 - 1962. Scope includes posters in two sizes: 24" x 28" and 36" x 14".



Collection Number:



Special Collections Main Room


Special Collections.
B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library,
C. W. Post Campus
Long Island University,
Brookville, NY 11548

Scope and Content:

6,000+ Original Movie Posters dating from 1940 - 1962 in two sizes: 24" x 28" and 36" x 14".

User Restrictions:

The Collection is available for viewing in the Special Collections' Reading Room. Requests for digital images are considered on a case by case basis. Please call or email us for an appointment. 516/299-2880 and

History of the Collection:

This collection is a vivid and instructive series of images, lithograph movie posters that promote more than 6,000 movie titles produced mostly from 1940 to 1962. Some 4,000 posters, covering the years 1950-1962 were donated by Frederick Adler in 1972. Mr. Adler added approximately 1,000 more titles, concentrating on the early 1950's, in 1974. Philip Sills donated about 1,600 posters in 1974 that reflected the decade of the1940's.

Besides the obvious appeal to film students, these original movie posters should interest other academic disciplines. Art majors will be stimulated by the varying graphic design approaches of these examples of movie poster art. Business students will appreciate the marketing effectiveness, or lack thereof, of the differing ways to advertise movies. Many movies of this time period reflect the history of World War II and the Cold War. These film images are of value not only to students of history, but also to the social researcher for their shifts in mores and culture.


AFRICA ADVENTURE: RKO, 1954. 64m. color
Director: Robert C. Ruark. Cast: Robert C. Ruark, Harry Selby, John Sutton.

ANIMAL WORLD: Warner Brothers, 1956. 82m. color
Director: Irwin Allen. Cast: John Storm, Theodore Von Eltz.

APPOINTMENT IN TOKYO: Warner Brothers, 1945. 56m. b/w
Director: Jack Hively. Cast:

ATTACK!: RKO, 1944. 54m. b/w
Director: Robert Presnell. Cast: Leo Genn, Burgess Meredith, Anthony Veiller.

BARBOONA: Morro, 1951. 78m. b/w
Director: Martin E. Johnson. Cast: Martin Johnson, Osa Johnson, Lew Lehr.

BAMBUTI: NTA, 1959. color
Director: Bernhard Grzimek. Cast: Viktor de Kowa, Carleton Young.

BLACK STALLION: Unknown, 1952.
Director: Unknown.

BLITZKRIEG: Continental, 1959.
Director: Unknown.

BORENO: LAND OF THE DEVIL BEAST: 20th Century Fox, 1937. 76m. b/w
Director: Truman H. Talley. Cast: Martin E. Johnson, Osa Johnson, Lowell Thomas, Lew Lehr.

BRING 'EM BACK ALIVE: RKO, 1948. 65m. b/w
Director: Clyde E. Elliott. Cast: Frank Buck.

CASSINO TO KOREA: Paramount, 1950. 55m. b/w
Director: Eugene Genock. Cast: Quentin Reynolds, Jackson Beck, James W. Logan, David Ludlum.

CEASE FIRE!: Paramount, 1953. 75m. b/w
Director: Owen Crump. Cast: Captain Roy Thompson, Jr., Corporal Henry Goszkowski, Sergeant Richard Karl Elliott, Sergeant First Class Albert Bernard Cook.

CIRCUS DAYS: Screencraft, ND.
Director: Unknown.

COASTAL COMMAND: RKO, 1943. 72m. b/w
Director: J.B. Holmes. Cast: Roger Hunter, Flight Sergeant Charles Norman Lewis.

CONQUEST OF EVEREST: United Artists, 1954. 78m. color
Director: George Lowe. Cast: Meredith Edwards, John Hunt, George Band.

COWBOY: Lippert, 1954. 69m. color
Director: Elmo Williams. Cast: Tex Ritter, William Conrad, John Dehner, Larry Dobkin.

DESIGN FOR DEATH: RKO, 1948. 48m. b/w
Director: Richard Fleischer. Cast: Theodore S. Geisel (Dr. Suess), Kent Smith, Hans Conreid.

FIFTY YEARS BEFORE YOUR EYES: Warner Brothers, 1950. 72m. b/w
Director: Robert Youngson. Cast: Arthur Godfrey, André Baruch, Norman Brokenshire, Milton Cross, Dan Donaldson, Quentin Reynolds.

JAMBOREE: Exploitation, 1954. 54m. b/w
Director: Willis Goldbeck. Cast: James Stewart, William Demarest, Bob Hope, Jane Powell, Del Sharbutt.

JUNGLE HEADHUNTERS: RKO, 1951. 66m. color
Director: George Breakston. Cast: George P. Breakston, Yorke Coplen, Ronald Davidson, Herman Schopp, Stan Lawrence Brown, Miguel Roginsky.

LAND OF LIBERTY: MGM, 1941. 80m. b/w
Director: Cecil B. DeMille. Cast: Jeanie Macpherson, Jesse Lasky, Jr.

LAST PARADISE: United Artists, 1957. 87m. color
Director: Folco Quilici. Cast: Vairia Hatamou, Terei Autoroi, Marii Hatuguto, Teura Teratemia, Atemi.

MASTERS OF THE CONGO JUNGLE: 20th Century Fox, 1960. 88m. color
Director: Hienz Sielmann. Cast: Orson Welles, William Warfield.

MATING URGE: Patterson, 1959. 78m. color
Director: Unknown. Cast: Art Gilmore.

MOSCOW STRIKES BACK: Republic, 1942. 55m. b/w
Director: Leonid Varlamov. Cast: Edward G. Robinson.

NAKED AFRICA: AIP, 1957. 70m. color
Director: Ray Phoenix. Cast: Quentin Reynolds.

NEW MARCH OF TIME: PROBLEM DRINKERS: 20th Century Fox, 1946. b/w
Director: Unknown.

OLYMPIC CAVALCADE: United Artists, 1948. 60m. b/w
Director: Joseph Lerner. Cast: Bill Slater.

PERILS OF THE JUNGLE: Lippert, 1953.
Director: George Blair. Cast: Clyde Beatty, Stanley Farrar, Phyllis Coates, John Doucette, Leonard Mudie, Roy Glenn.

REPORT FROM THE ALEUTIANS: War Activities Committee, 1943. 47m. color
Director: John Huston (uncredited). Cast: John Huston, Walter Huston.

Director: Unknown.

ROYAL TOUR OF QUEEN ELIZABETH AND PHILIP: 20th Century Fox, 1954. 96m. color
Director: Unknown. Cast: Leslie Mitchell.

SERENGETI: Allied Artists, 1960. 85m. color
Director: Bernard Grzimek. Cast: Bernard Grzimek, Holger Hagen, Hermann Rockman.

SKABENGA!: Allied Artists, 1955. 61m. b/w
Director: Unknown. Cast: Michael Pate.

SKY ABOVE THE MUD BELOW: Embassy, 1962. 92m. color
Director: Pierre- Dominique Gaisseau. Cast: Williams Peacock, Jan Sheep, Herve de Maigret.

SMASHING OF THE REICH: Brigadier, 1962. 84m. b/w
Director: Perry Wolff. Cast: Jim Stephens.

TABU: Motion Pictures Sales Corp., 1949.
Director: Unknown.

TEMBO: RKO, 1952. 80m. color
Director: Howard Hill. Cast: Howard Hill, Westbrook Van Voorhis.

THIS IS RUSSIA: Universal, 1958. 67m. b/w/color
Director: Sid Feder. Cast: Carey Wilson.

THIS IS YOUR ARMY: 20th Century Fox, 1954. 55m.
Director: John J. Gordon. Cast: Joe King, Phil Tonken.

TITAN: United Artists, 1950. 70m. b/w
Director: Richard Iyford. Cast: Fredric March, Peter Capell, Joe DeSantis.

TRUE GLORY: Columbia, 1945. 87m. b/w
Director: Garson Kanin. Cast: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Robert Harris, Peter Ustinov.

UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS: United Artists, 1956. 91m. b/w/color
Director: Winston Jones. Cast: Tom Towers, Nicholas Mariana, Delbert Newhouse, Robert Phillips, Olan Soute, Willis Sperry, Wendall Swanson.