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Collection Finding Aid:


The Original Movie Poster Research Collection is comprised of 6,000+ movie posters given to Special Collections in two separate donations by Frederick Adler in 1972 and 1974, and Philip Sills in 1972.



Time Period:

1940 - 1962


The Original Movie Poster Collection contains more than 6,000 Original Movie Posters dating from 1940 - 1962. Scope includes posters in two sizes: 24" x 28" and 36" x 14".



Collection Number:



Special Collections Main Room


Special Collections.
B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library,
C. W. Post Campus
Long Island University,
Brookville, NY 11548

Scope and Content:

6,000+ Original Movie Posters dating from 1940 - 1962 in two sizes: 24" x 28" and 36" x 14".

User Restrictions:

The Collection is available for viewing in the Special Collections' Reading Room. Requests for digital images are considered on a case by case basis. Please call or email us for an appointment. 516/299-2880 and

History of the Collection:

This collection is a vivid and instructive series of images, lithograph movie posters that promote more than 6,000 movie titles produced mostly from 1940 to 1962. Some 4,000 posters, covering the years 1950-1962 were donated by Frederick Adler in 1972. Mr. Adler added approximately 1,000 more titles, concentrating on the early 1950's, in 1974. Philip Sills donated about 1,600 posters in 1974 that reflected the decade of the1940's.

Besides the obvious appeal to film students, these original movie posters should interest other academic disciplines. Art majors will be stimulated by the varying graphic design approaches of these examples of movie poster art. Business students will appreciate the marketing effectiveness, or lack thereof, of the differing ways to advertise movies. Many movies of this time period reflect the history of World War II and the Cold War. These film images are of value not only to students of history, but also to the social researcher for their shifts in mores and culture.


AMAZING MR. CALLAGHAN: Atlantic, 1960. b/w
Director: Willy Rozier. Cast: Tony Wright, Lysiane Rey, Paul Cambo.

AND THEN THERE WERE NONE: 20th Century Fox, 1945. 97m. b/w
Director: Rene Clair. Cast: Barry Fitzgerald, Walter Huston, Louis Hayward, Roland Young, June Duprez, C. Aubrey Smith, Judith Anderson, Misha Auer.

APPOINTMENT WITH MURDER: Film Classics, 1948. 67m. b/w
Director: Jack Bernhard. Cast: John Calvert, Catherine Craig, Jack Reitzen.

AVALANCHE: PRC, 1946. 70m. b/w
Director: Irving Allen. Cast: Bruce Cabot, Roscoe Karns, Helen Mowery, Veda Ann Borg.

BACKLASH: 20th Century Fox, 1947. 66m. b/w
Director: Eugene Ford. Cast: Jean Rogers, Richard Travis, Larry Blake, John Eldredge, Leonard Strong.

BACKFIRE: Warner Brothers, 1950. 91m. b/w
Director: Vincent Sherman. Cast: Virginia Mayo, Gordon MacRae, Edmond O'Brien, Dane Clark, Viveca Lindfors, Ed Begley.

BURY ME DEAD: PRC, 1947. 68m. b/w
Director: Bernard Vorhaus. Cast: Cathy O'Donnell, June Lockhart, Hugh Beaumont, Mark Daniels.

CARIBBEAN MYSTERY: 20th Century Fox, 1945. 65m. b/w
Director: Robert Webb. Cast: James Dunn, Shelia Ryan, Edward Ryan.

CASE OF THE BABY SITTER: Screen Guild, 1947. 41m. b/w
Director: Lambert Hillyer. Cast: Tom Neal, Allen Jenkins, Virginia Sale, Pamela Blake.

CAT CREEPS: Universal, 1946. 58m. b/w
Director: Erle C. Kenton. Cast: Lois Collier, Fred Brady, Paul Kelly, Noah Beery, Jr., Douglass Dumbrille, Rose Hobart.

CATMAN OF PARIS: Republic, 1946. 65m. b/w
Director: Lesley Selander. Cast: Carl Esmond, Lenore Aubert, Douglass Dumbrille, Fritz Feld, Gerald Mohr.

CHANCE MEETING: Paramount, 1960. 95m. b/w
Director: Joseph Losey. Cast: Hardy Kruger, Stanley Baker, Micheline Presle, Gordon Jackson, Jack MacGowran.

CHASE: United Artists, 1946. 86m. b/w
Director: Arthur Ripley. Cast: Robert Cummings, Michele Morgan, Steve Cochran, Peter Lorre.

CHECKERED COAT: 20th Century Fox, 1948.66m. b/w
Director: Edward L. Cahn. Cast: Tom Conway, Noreen Nash, Hurd Hatfield.

CLOSE CALL FOR BOSTON BLACKIE: Columbia, 1946. 68m. b/w
Director: Lew Landers. Cast: Chester Morris, Lynn Merrick, Richard Lane.

CLOUDBURST: United Artists, 1951. 83m. b/w
Director: Francis Searle. Cast: Robert Preston, Elizabeth Sellars, Colin Tapley.

CONFESSIONS OF BOSTON BLACKIE: Columbia, 1941. 60m. b/w
Director: Edward Dmytryk. Cast: Chester Morris, Harriet Hilliard, Richard Lane, George E. Stone.

COP HATER: United Artists, 1958. 75m. b/w
Director: William Burke. Cast: Robert Loggia, Gerald O'Loughlin.

DRAGNET: Screen Guild, 1947. 71m. b/w
Director: Leslie Goodwins. Cast: Henry Wilcoxon, Mary Brian, Douglass Dumbrille, Virginia Dale.

ELLERY QUEEN AND THE PERFECT CRIME: Columbia, 1941. 67m. b/w
Director: James Hogan. Cast: Ralph Bellamy, Maragaret Lindsay, Charley Grapewin, Mona Barrie, Paul Hurst, Blanche Yurka, George Zucco, Leon Ames, Tom Dugan.

FATAL WITNESS: Republic, 1945. 69m. b/w
Director: Lesley Selander. Cast: Evelyn Ankers, Richard Fraser.

FEUDING SISTERS: Eagle Lion, 1947. 68m. b/w
Director: Bernard Vorhaus. Cast: Cathy O'Donnell, June Lockhart, Hugh Beaumont, Mark Daniels.

FRENCH KEY: Republic, 1946. 67m. b/w
Director: Walter Colmes. Cast: Albert Dekker, Mike Mazurki, Evelyn Ankers, John Eldredge, Frank Fenton.

FRISCO SAL: Universal, 1945. 94m. b/w
Director: George Waggner. Cast: Susanna Foster, Turhan Bey, Alan Curtis, Andy Devine, Thomas Gomez, Fuzzy Knight, Samuel S. Hinds.

FUGITIVE LADY: Republic, 1951. 78m. b/w
Director: Sidney Salkow. Cast: Janis Paige, Binnie Barnes, Eduardo Ciannelli.

GIRL WHO DARED: Repulic, 1944. 54m. b/w
Director: Howard Bretherton. Cast: Lorna Gray, Peter Cookson, Grant Withers, Veda Ann Borg, John Hamilton, Willie Best.

GLASS WEB: Universal, 1953. 81m. b/w
Director: Jack Arnold. Cast: Edward G. Robinson, John Forsythe, Marcia Henderson, Kathleen Hughes, Richard Denning.

Director: S. Sylvan Simon. Cast: Van Heflin, Patricia Dane, Cecilia Parker, Samuel S. Hinds.

GREEN FOR DANGER: Eagle Lion, 1947. 91m. b/w
Director: Sidney Gilliat. Cast: Sally Gray, Trevor Howard, Rosamund John, Leo Genn, Alistair Sim.

GREEN SCARF: Associated Artists, 1954. 96m. b/w
Director: George Moore O'Ferrall. Cast: Michael Redgrave, Leo Genn, Ann Todd, Kieron Moore.

GRISSLY'S MILLIONS: Republic, 1945. 71m. b/w
Director: John English. Cast: Paul Kelly, Virginia Grey, Don Douglas.

GUILTY OF MURDER: Realart, 1950. 80m. b/w
Director: Robert Siodman. Cast: George Sanders, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Ella Raines, Sara Allgood, Moyna MacGill, Samuel S. Hinds.

HALF PAST MIDNIGHT: 20th Century Fox, 1948. 69m. b/w
Director: William F. Claxton. Cast: Kent Taylor, Peggy Knudsen, Joe Sawyer, Walter Sande.

HAT BOX MYSTERY: Screen Guild, 1947. 44m. b/w
Director: Lambert Hillyer. Cast: Tom Neal, Pamela Blake, Allen Jenkins, Virginia Sale.

HEARTACHES: PRC, 1947. 71m. b/w
Director: Basil Wrangell. Cast: Shelia Ryan, Edward Norris, Chill Wills, Ken Farrell.

HIGH TERRACE: Allied Artists, 1957. 69m. b/w
Director: Henry Cass. Cast: Dale Robertson, Lois Maxwell, Eric Pohlmen, Derek Bond.

HOLLYWOOD STORY: Universal, 1951. 76m. b/w
Director: William Castle. Cast: Richard Conte, Julia Adams, Henry Hull, Fred Clark, Jim Backus, Richard Egan.

HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES: Astor, 1959. 88m. color
Director: Terence Fisher. Cast: Peter Cushing, Andre Morell, Christopher Lee, David Oxley, Marla Landi.

HOUR OF DECISION: Astor, 1957. 81m. b/w
Director: C.M. Pennington Richards. Cast: Jeff Morrow, Hazel Court.

HOUR OF THIRTEEN: MGM, 1952. 79m. b/w
Director: Harold French. Cast: Peter Lawford, Dawn Addams, Roland Culver, Derek Bond, Leslie Dwyer, Michael Horden, Colin Gordon.

Director: Richard Thorpe. Cast: Robert Taylor, Nicole Maurey, Linda Christian, Donald Wolfit, Gerard Heinz.

HUNTED: Allied Artists, 1948. 88m. b/w
Director: Jack Bernhard. Cast: Preston Foster, Belita .

I LOVE A MYSTERY: Columbia, 1945. 69m. b/w
Director: He nry Levin. Cast: Jim Bannon, Nina Foch, George Macready, Barton Yarborough, Carole Mathews, Lester Mathews.

I LOVE TROUBLE: Columbia, 1947. 93m. b/w
Director: S. Sylvan Simon. Cast: Franchot Tone, Janet Blair, Tom Powers, Glenda Farrell, Lynn Merrick, Adele Jergens.

INVISIBLE INFORMER: Republic, 1946. 57m. b/w
Director: Philip Ford. Cast: Linda Stirling, William Henry, Adele Mara.

JEALOUSY: Republic, 1945. 71m. b/w
Director: Gustav Machaty. Cast: John Loder, Jane Randolph, Karen Morley, Nils Asther, Hugo Haas.

KISS BEFORE DYING: United Artists, 1956. 94m. color
Director: Gerd Oswald. Cast: Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter, Virginia Leith, Joanne Woodward, Mary Astor, George Macready.

LADY CONFESSES: PRC, 1945. 64m. b/w
Director: Sam Newfield. Cast: Mary Beth Hughes, Hugh Beaumont, Edmund MacDonald.

LADY OF BURLESQUE: United Artists, 1943. 91m. b/w
Director: William A. Wellman. Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Michael O'Shea, J. Edward Bromberg.

LARCENY IN HER HEART: PRC, 1946. 68m. b/w
Director: Sam Newfield. Cast: Hugh Beaumont, Cheryl Walker.

LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE: Warner Brothers, 1951. 91m. b/w
Director: King Vidor. Cast: Ruth Roman, Richard Todd, Mercedes McCambridge, Zachary Scott.

LONE WOLF IN LONDON: Columbia, 1947. 64m. b/w
Director: Leslie Goodwins. Cast: Gerald Mohr, Nancy Saunders, Eric Blore, Evelyn Ankers.

LONE WOLF IN MEXICO: Columbia, 1947. 69m. b/w
Director: D. Ross Lederman. Cast: Gerald Mohr, Shelia Ryan, Eric Blore.

MADONNA'S SECRET: Republic, 1946. 79m. b/w
Director: William Thiele. Cast: Francis Lederer, Gail Patrick.

MANTRAP: Republic, 1943. 57m. b/w
Director: George Sherman. Cast: Henry Stephenson, Lloyd Corrigan.

MASK OF THE DRAGON: Lippert, 1951. 51m. b/w
Director: Sam Newfield. Cast: Richard Travis, Shelia Ryan.

MEXICAN MANHUNT: Allied Artists, 1953. 71m. b/w
Director: Rex Bailey. Cast: George Brent, Hillary Brooke, Carleton Young.

MISSING JUROR: Columbia, 1944. 66m. b/w
Director: Oscar Boetticher, Jr. Cast: Jim Bannon, Janis Carter, George Macready, Jean Stevens.

MOSS ROSE: 20th Century Fox, 1947. 82m. b/w
Director: Gregory Ratoff. Cast: Peggy Cummins, Victor Mature, Ethel Barrymore, Vincent Price, George Zucco, Patricia Medina, Rhys Williams.

MURDER IN THE MUSIC HALL: Republic, 1946. 84m. b/w
Director: John English. Cast: Vera Hruba Ralston, William Marshall, Helen Walker, Nancy Kelly, William Gargan, Ann Rutherford, Julie Bishop.

MURDER IS MY BEAT: Allied Artists, 1955. 77m. b/w
Director: Edgar G. Ulmer. Cast: Paul Langton, Barbara Payton, Robert Shayne, Selena Royle, Roy Gordon.

MURDER ON DIAMOND ROW: Film Classics, 1947. b/w
Director: William K. Howard. Cast: Ann Todd, Edmund Lowe, Sebastian Shaw, Tamara Desni, Robert Newton.

MURDER ON THE WATERFRONT: Warner Brothers, 1943. 49m. b/w
Director: B. Reaves Eason. Cast: Warren Douglas, Joan Winfield.

MURDER REPORTER: Columbia, 1958. 58m. b/w
Director: Charles Saunders. Cast: Paul Carpenter, Melissa Stribling, John Laurie, Peter Swanwick.

MY COUSIN RACHEL: 20th Century Fox, 1953. 98m. b/w
Director: Henry Koster. Cast: Olivia De Havilland, Richard Burton, Audrey Dalton, Ronald Squire, George Dolenz, John Sutton.

MYSTERIOUS INTRUDER: Columbia, 1946. 61m. b/w
Director: Wiliam Castle. Cast: Richard Dix, Barton MacLane, Nina Vale, Regis Toomey, Mike Mazurki.

MYSTERY AT THE BURLESQUE: Monogram, 1950. 59m. b/w
Director: Val Guest. Cast: Garry Marsh, Jon Pertwee, Jack Livesey.

MYSTERY STREET: MGM, 1950. 93m. b/w
Director: John Sturges. Cast: Ricardo Montalban, Sally Forrest, Bruce Bennett, Elsa Lanchester, Marshall Thompson, Jan Sterling, Edmon Ryan.

NAKED GUN: Associated Film, 1956. 69m. b/w
Director: Edward Dew. Cast: Willard Parker, Mara Corday, Barton MacLane.

NIGHT WITHOUT SLEEP: 20th Century Fox, 1952. 77m. b/w
Director: Roy Baker. Cast: Linda Darnell, Gary Merrill, Hildegarde Neff.

NO HANDS ON THE CLOCK: Paramount, 1941. 76m. b/w
Director: Frank McDonald. Cast: Chester Morris, Jean Parker, Rose Hobart, Dick Purcell.

NO PLACE FOR A LADY: Columbia, 1943. 66m. b/w
Director: James Hogan. Cast: William Gargan, Margaret Lindsay, Dick Purcell, Jerome Cowan.

PARIS EXPRESS: Raymond Stross, 1953. 83m. color
Director: Harold French. Cast: Claude Rains, Marta Toren, Marius Goring, Felix Aylmer, Herbert Lom.

PHANTOM OF PARIS: Realart, 1951. b/w
Director: Phil Rosen. Cast: Maria Montez, Patric Knowles, Maria Ouspenskaya, John Litel, Nell O'Day, Edward Norris.

PHANTOM STRIKES: Monogram, 1939. 58m. b/w
Director: Walter Forde. Cast: Sonny Hale, Wilfrid Lawson, Louise Henry, Patrick Barr, Alexander Knox.

PHILO VANCE RETURNS: PRC, 1947. 64m. b/w
Director: William Beaudine. Cast: William Wright, Terry Austin, Leon Belasco.

PIER TWENTY THREE: Lippert, 1951. 59m. b/w
Director: William Berke. Cast: Hugh Beaumont, Ann Savage, Edward Brophy, Richard Travis, Mike Mazurki.

PILLOW OF DEATH: Universal, 1945. 55m. b/w
Director: Wallace Fox. Cast: Lon Chaney, Jr., Brenda Joyce, J. Edward Bromberg.

PORT AFRIQUE: Columbia, 1956. 92m. color
Director: Rudolph Mate. Cast: Pier Angeli, Phil Carey, Dennis Price.

PORTRAIT IN BLACK: Universal, 1960. 112m. color
Director: Michael Gordon. Cast: Lana Turner, Anthony Quinn, Sandra Dee, John Saxon, Richard Basehart, Lloyd Nolan.

POWER OF THE WHISTLER: Columbia, 1945. 66m. b/w
Director: Lew Landers. Cast: Richard Dix, Janis Carter, Jeff Donnell, Loren Tindall, Tala Birell.

SAINT'S GIRL FRIDAY: RKO, 1954. 70m. b/w
Director: Seymour Friedman. Cast: Louis Hayward, Naomi Chance, Sidney Tafler.

SAINT'S VACATION: RKO, 1941. 60m. b/w
Director: Leslie Fenton. Cast: Hugh Sinclair, Sally Gray, Cecil Parker.

SCAPEGOAT: MGM, 1959. 92m. b/w
Director: Robert Hamer. Cast: Alec Guinness, Bette Davis, Nicole Maurey, Irene Worth, Pamela Brown.

SCOTLAND YARD INSPECTOR: Lippert, 1952. 73m. b/w
Director: Sam Newfield. Cast: Cesar Romero, Lois Maxwell, Bernadette O'Farrell, Campbell Singer.

SCREAM OF FEAR: Columbia, 1961. 82m. b/w
Director: Seth Holt. Cast: Susan Strasberg, Ronald Lewis, Ann Todd, Christopher Lee.

SECRET FURY: RKO, 1950. 86m. b/w
Director: Mel Ferrer. Cast: Claudette Colbert, Robert Ryan, Jane Cowl, Paul Kelly.

SEVEN DOORS TO DEATH: PRC, 1944. 64m. b/w
Director: Elmer Clifton. Cast: Chick Chandler, June Clyde, George Meeker, Michael Raffetto.

SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT: Columbia, 1944. 67m. b/w
Director: Eugene J. Forde. Cast: Warner Baxter, Nina Foch, George Zucco, Jeanne Bates, Minor Watson.

SHOT IN THE DARK: Warner Brothers, 1941. 57m. b/w
Director: William McGann. Cast: William Lundigan, Nan Wynn, Ricardo Cortez, Regis Toomey, Maris Wrixon.

SLEEP, MY LOVE: United Artists, 1947. 97m. b/w
Director: Douglas Sirk. Cast: Claudette Colbert, Robert Cummings, Don Ameche, Hazel Brooks, George Coulouris, Rita Johnson.

SO EVIL MY LOVE: Paramount, 1948. 112m. b/w
Director: Lewis Allen. Cast: Ray Milland, Ann Todd, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Leo G. Carroll.

SPIRITUALIST: Eagle Lion, 1948. 79m. b/w
Director: Bernard Vorhaus. Cast: Turhan Bey, Lynn Bari, Cathy O'Donnell, Richard Carlson.

STORM OVER LISBON: Republic, 1944. 86m. b/w
Director: George Sherman. Cast: Vera Hruba Ralston, Richard Arlen, Erich Von Stroheim, Otto Kruger, Robert Livingston, Eduardo Ciannelli, Mona Barrie.

STRANGE AFFAIR: Columbia, 1944. 78m. b/w
Director: Alfred E. Green. Cast: Allyn Joslyn, Evelyn Keyes, Marguerite Chapman, Edgar Buchanan, Nina Foch, Hugo Haas, Shemp Howard.

STRANGE CASE OF DR. RX: Universal, 1942. 66m. b/w
Director: William Nigh. Cast: Patric Knowles, Lionel Atwill, Anne Gwynne, Mona Barrie, Samuel S. Hinds, Shemp Howard.

TAKE MY LIFE: Eagle Lion, 1948. 79m. b/w
Director: Ronald Neame. Cast: Hugh Williams, Greta Gynt, Marius Goring, Francis L. Sullivan.

TERROR BY NIGHT: Universal, 1946. 60m. b/w
Director: Roy William Neill. Cast: Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Alan Mowbray.

THERE GOES KELLY: Monogram, 1945. 61m. b/w
Director: Phil Karlstein. Cast: Jackie Moran, Wanda McKay, Sidney Miller.

THIRTY NINE STEPS: 20th Century Fox, 1960. 93m. color
Director: Ralph Thomas. Cast: Kenneth More, Taina Elg, Brenda De Banzie, Barry Jones.

THIS MAN IS DANGEROUS: Specialty Pictures, 1955.
Director: Lawrence Huntington. Cast: James Mason, Gordon McLeod, Mary Clare, Margaret Vyner.

TIME TO KILL: 20th Century Fox, 1942. 61m. b/w
Director: Herbert I. Leeds. Cast: Lloyd Nolan, Heather Angel, Doris Merrick, Ralph Byrd.

TRAPPED BY BOSTON BLACKIE: Columbia, 1948. 67m. b/w
Director: Seymour Friedman. Cast: Chester Morris, June Vincent, George E. Stone, Richard Lane.

TRESPASSER: Republic, 1947. 71m. b/w
Director: George Blair. Cast: Dale Evans, Warren Douglas, Janet Martin.

TRIAL WITHOUT JURY: Republic, 1950. 60m. b/w
Director: Philip Ford. Cast: Robert Rockwell, Barbara Fuller, Kent Taylor, Audrey Long.

UNKNOWN: Columbia, 1946. 70m. b/w
Director: Henry Levin. Cast: Karen Morley, Jim Bannon, Jeff Donnell, Robert Scott.

UNSEEN: Paramount, 1945. 81m. b/w
Director: Lewis Allen. Cast: Joel McCrea, Gail Russell, Herbert Marshall.

WALLS CAME TUMBLING DOWN: Columbia, 1946. 82m. b/w
Director: Lothar Mendes. Cast: Lee Bowman, Marguerite Chapman, Edgar Buchanan, George Macready, J. Edward Bromberg.

WEIRD WOMAN: Universal, 1944. 62m. b/w
Director: Reginald LeBorg. Cast: Lon Chaney, Jr., Anne Gwynne, Evelyn Ankers.

Director: Francis Searle. Cast: Richard Carlson, Greta Gynt, Rona Anderson, Herbert Lom.

WHO IS HOPE SCHUYLER?: 20th Century Fox, 1942. 55m. b/w
Director: Thomas Z. Loring. Cast: Joseph Allen, Jr., Mary Howard, Shelia Ryan, Ricardo Cortez.

WHOLE TRUTH: Columbia, 1958. 84m. b/w
Director: John Guillermin. Cast: Stewart Granger, Donna Reed, George Sanders, Gianna Maria Canale.