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The C.W. Post Access Program will help you to identify your strengths, interests and talents, explore different career possibilities, and choose coursework that introduces you to a variety of interesting fields. From special career workshops to one-on-one academic counseling, we use every possible resource to help you select a major and career path that's the perfect fit for you.

The Access Program: Step By Step

As a C.W. Post student, you will be assigned both an academic advisor and a career counselor who will guide you every step of the way -- in choosing classes to take, participating in work experiences and internships, and helping you make critical decisions about your future. The Access Program is offered through C.W. Post's nationally recognized departments: the Academic Counseling Center and Professional Experience & Career Planning (PEP). Our goal is for you to complete your degree in a major -- or a double major -- that will lead you toward life-long success.
The program offers you many options including:
Personal Counseling with your academic advisor and career counselor to explore issues and concerns surrounding a choice of major and career options.

Interest Inventories and Career Assessments to help determine your interests, skills and values.

Career Resource Library to help you research possible career ideas.
Campus Worshops and Academic Fairs focused on majors and career opportunities with access to professors and career counselors.
Special College 101 freshman seminar classes with a focus on major and career choices.
Cooperative Education -- part-time work experiences through C.W. Post's award winning Cooperative Education Program. This blending of academic studies with professional work experience will help you develop important skills while you explore some potential areas of study and career interests.
A Career Advisor Network of mentors, mostly C.W. Post alumni, who can provide you with information and guidance about a specific career area.
Internships for college credit through an academic department that will give you real-world experience and exposure to a career that you are considering.

To find out more about the Access Program contact:
Academic Counseling at 516.299.2746
Professional Experience and Career Planning at 516.299.2251

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