Check your browser

WebCT requires an internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox and internet connection.

To find out how your computer complies, run the check browser function.

Here's how:

1. go to

2. click on Browser Check.

Immediately, results will appear with a red x next to specific categories of configuration.

If you have performed the Browser Check in the new version of WebCT, and receive notice there is an incompatibility, here are documents and instructions that may help:

Pop-up Blocker Preventing You From Previewing Content?

If a pop-up blocker is activated, you may be prohibited from viewing some content your instructor has placed in the WebCT course. If this occurs, you can:

  1. Hold down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard while selecting the content. Continue to hold down the "Ctrl" key until you select the Open option, or...
  2. Disable the pop-up blocker that is embedded in your browser or tool bar. To disable your Google toolbar from blocking documents from WebCT, please review the instructions on the pdf file: Turn off pop up blocker only for WebCT

  3. Java plug-in

    If you have to install or reinstall a Java plug-in on your laptop, try following these directions:

    1. From the Start menu, select Settings, Control Panel.

    2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
    3. Locate all versions of Sun Java, JRE, or JVM.
    4. For each version, click Change/Remove and follow the onscreen instructions.

    5. Download Java Plug-in.To install the Java Plug-In, accept the license agreement and follow the online and onscreen instructions.

After installing the Plug-In and rebooting your computer, do not download updates for the JRE. Disable automatic checking for Java updates:<
    6. From the Start menu, select Settings, Control Panel.
    7. Click the Update tab.
    8. Clear the checkbox next to Check for Updates Automatically.

    9. Click Apply.

    10. Click the "x" to close the Java Plug-in Control Panel window.
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