To Members of the Long Island University Community:

The University makes its network resources available for use by members of the University community. We expect that members of the community will use these resources in a responsible and lawful fashion. While use of these resources is encouraged, I write to remind you that federal copyright law prohibits downloading, reproducing, sharing, or publicly displaying copyrighted materials, including music, movies and television programs without the copyright owner’s permission.

You may have noted mass media references to various entertainment and artistic entities alleging that members of campus communities are unlawfully downloading and distributing music and video materials in violation of federal copyright laws. Unfortunately, the University has been advised by several of these external organizations that members of our own community may have downloaded and shared such materials in violation of the law.

If the University is informed that a network user has violated federal copyright law, the University will suspend that user’s network privileges. In addition to actions the University may take, copyright infringers also may be subject to legal action.

The University is taking this action because under the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 the University must follow specific guidelines regarding the use of network resources by the community. I trust you will understand that the University must take these actions in order that it may remain in compliance with the DMCA.

Further, I have been advised by the University’s Information Technology professionals that software that is used for file sharing and downloading makes it possible for other network users to gain access to materials on your personal computer without your knowledge or permission. Hence, you may unintentionally be in violation of copyright law. As a result, we encourage all network users to become familiar with issues surrounding file distribution and sharing.

We appreciate your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local Information Technology office.



George S. Sutton

Vice President for Legal Services and University Counsel