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by Alice Tuan
Directed by Dyana Kimball
Assistant Director: Jackie Walsh
Scenic Design: Bill Motyka
Lighting Design: Niklas Anderson
Sound Design: Rob Garner
Dramaturge: Christina Cerbone
Costume Design: Anthony Paul-Cavaretta

Moll Cutpurse: Jen Rubino
Sir Alexander Wengrave: Clint Johnson
Sebastian Wengrave: Matt Wray
Mary Fitzallard: Kiara Mc Carthy
Puudence Gaiilpot/Sir Davey Dapper: Megan Sayles
Rosamond Openwork: Alice Camorata
Mr. Galliput/Lavendaria: David Webster
Mr. Openwork/Lord Nolan: Dov Rubenstein
Ralph Trapdoor: Thomas Michilidias
Thadeus Laxton: Mike Coyne

Leah Evans
Hanayu Hiroto
Nana Kim
Chris Kwozko
Amy Le Blanc
Molly Lisenco
Annie Mc Guire
Cait York

The original Roaring Girle centers around an early 17th Century cross-dresser named Moll Cutpurse, a.k.a. "governess of the underworld." Tuan has transformed this play into a relevant contemporary political satire, where Moll is a playwright-heroine who refuses to buckle under to a regime where business interests have subverted free speech.

Little Theatre Mainstage
February 27-28, March 1 and March 3-8 at 8pm, except Sundays at 3pm


Come join us as these talented young actors practically apply their training for the first time in front of an audience in this series of short new plays.

Little Theatre Mainstage
April 3-5, 2009 at 8pm, except Sunday at 3pm
Directed by Valerie Clayman Pye
Assistant Director: Ryan Casey
Stage Manager: Sarah Crawfrod
Assistant Stage Manager: Ryan Roethel

by Caleen Sinnette Jennings
Ama: Tomaz Reid
Big B: Jamie King
Miles: Travis Mayo

by Jane Martin
Janice: Anny Jules
Trey: Zach Corrigan

Favorite Lady
by Leanna Renee Hieber
Frankie: Emily Edwards
Cyndi: Kristin Cooke
Lisa: Nadine Fetner

Just One Night
by Kim Levin
Kate: Courtney Maurice
Margaret: Jessica Noel Mottice
Liz: Norma Ramos
Dave: Mike Greco

Men's Intuition
by Itamar Moses
Wendell: Philip Martinez
Eric: Mike Greco

The New New
by Kelly Stuart
Bradley: Ravi Johnson
Craig: Adam Newborn
Marcy: Wokie Massaquoi
Jenny: Dana Jesberger
Naomi: Brittany Black

by Peter Morris
Sam: Ryan Hudak
Buddy: Travis Mayo

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