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B.F.A. in Theatre Arts: Acting
The B.F.A. in Acting combines the well-known Long Island University core curriculum's liberal arts education with an intensive pre-professional, process-based and performance-oriented program of conservatory quality. This selective degree program accepts between 16 and 22 incoming students each year to receive an education based on individual attention, practical, onstage experience and a rigorous academic base of history and literature. This degree combines a general introduction to all aspects of theatre with the opportunity to develop specific skills through intensive training and sustained practice in acting, singing and dance. It offers a variety of internships in the profession, as well as department and on-campus work study options and the opportunity to study abroad. This program is coordinated with the Post Theatre Company production schedule and requires substantial participation in the work of the company.

B.F.A. in Theatre Arts: Design and Production
The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Design and Production is a pre-professional degree that combines a general introduction to all aspects of theatre with concentrations in Design, Production and Stage Management. The program seeks to provide students with the artistic and intellectual groundwork necessary for a professional life in the theatre and for further specialization through graduate studies. The curriculum includes pre-professional training, study of theatre history and literature, and a wide range of liberal arts and performance oriented degree, a key component of student education lies in the practical application of training through substantial participation in the work of the Post Theatre Company and the Post Concert Dance Company. Interview and portfolio review required.

B.A. in Theatre
The B.A. program in Theatre is an academic degree designed to place theatre in the wider context of humanistic studies. This degree program is selective and accepts approximately 10-12 incoming students annually. It is based on a philosophy of mentoring and students work closely with professional faculty and staff to design a program that meets their needs. This degree can accommodate students seeking certification as New York state high school teachers as well as those wishing to take a double major. It is also an option for design or technical theatre students who will want to specialize in their field with tutorials and practical internships. We offer a variety of internships in the profession, as well as department and on-campus work study options and the opportunity to study abroad.

M.A. in Theatre
The M.A. in Theatre is designed to meet the needs of actors, directors, designers, managers in regional and community theatre, drama teachers, and those wishing to increase their professional competence. In addition to the core curriculum, students specialize within their area of interest through small seminars, tutorials and hands-on experience. A two semester thesis project is required for graduation, and is designed on an individual basis with a faculty mentor to facilitate the student's passage from academia to the profession.

B.F.A. in Arts Management
The BFA in Arts Management provides competency in the fine arts with a solid foundation in business A concentration is established in one area of the arts (Art History, Art Studio, Broadcasting, Film, Music, Theatre or Dance.) Each area of arts concentration includes history and theory classes as well as applied work. The additional Arts Management coursework includes classes in accounting, economics, management, marketing, law, and public relations, communications, public speaking and computer graphics. The program of study culminates with an internship in a professional arts organization. Independent study options and thesis work are also available for advanced study in selected aspects of a student's concentration.

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